Engineering an advanced Volunteer

Keep checking in at to stay updated on the news in Big Orange Country. Take a free look at the videos below to get informed about what Tennessee is doing to engineer some of the finest student-athletes in the country.

Hydrotherapy. Underwater treadmills. Stationary bike races versus ghosted teammates, coaches. On-site pharmacy. Nutrition bar.

The list of showpieces is numerous and the tools to help Tennessee engineer football players are set to be fully in place around December.

Aside from the aquatic training and rehabilitation, third-year coach Derek Dooley had his hands all over the blueprints, trying to make sure the Football Training Facility is one of (if not the) the top buildings of its kind in the country.

To hear Dooley speak about what this new construction can do for the Volunteers and much more, click play on the video below:

To get a 30-plus-minute video tour of the progress inside the walls, check out this video:

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