Monday Evening Chat Transcript

If you missed Monday night's Premium Chat, here is your chance to see what the Inside Tennessee members talked about.

LiveToRide:: wncfb, where in western NC do you live....if you don't mind sharing?
NickGrinnell:: wnc what about the QBs
wncfb:: Asheville
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GridOrange:: How bout it Scott, any word on QB's looking at us?
GridOrange:: Man, no Vols on CSS tonight. Bummer.
Scott Kennedy:: David Wolke and Chase Patton are good possiblities
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NickGrinnell:: im tired of the baseball on css
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wncfb:: My old neighbor is Jonathan Crompton class of 2005, he just moved to Waynesville and Tuscola HS
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LiveToRide:: Nice city. Been there many times. For some reason, I thought you were in Murphy.
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LiveToRide:: Waynesville!  Home of the famous Yellow House B&B!
GridOrange:: What about 47?
wncfb:: Tenn offered Jonathan last month at a one day
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GridOrange:: Anyone thing Dustin Colquitt will be a weapon for us again this year?
NickGrinnell:: i am hoping the offense will keep him from being a big weapon
GridOrange:: Greetings Loki
NickGrinnell:: the closer we get the more i think that one of the frosh WRs will start off with a bang
GridOrange:: Hey, ya gotta punt sometimes
NickGrinnell:: true
GridOrange:: Might as well kick the cover off of it.
NickGrinnell:: hello to all those i havent greeted
GridOrange:: I'm like you though.  I hope we steam roll some folks this year.
Lokidog:: Thanks. Glas to be here tonight. Just thought I would listen and learn.
wncfb:: Can someone tell me about the walkon?
NickGrinnell:: just so you people know how special you are, i put off going to get NCAA 2004 until tomorrow
NickGrinnell:: thats how much i love you
LiveToRide:: Speaking of kicking the cover off the ball, how's the PK job shaking out?
GridOrange:: WNC Which one
NickGrinnell:: Wilhoit, Wilhoit, Wilhoit
NickGrinnell:: he will win at least two games for us
wncfb:: The kid that was going to La Tech
LiveToRide:: How's the accuracy?
GridOrange:: I hope he doesn't have too.
wncfb:: i dont know his name
GridOrange:: I like him a lot but I'd rather score TD's
NickGrinnell:: Brett Weyman
GridOrange:: Weyman?
wncfb:: yes
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NickGrinnell:: He is looking good from all account
LiveToRide:: wnc, you mean Weyman.  Don't think the transfer rumor has legs. Anyone know different?
GridOrange:: Hi ME4
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NickGrinnell:: a shade short, but great accuracy
GridOrange:: Hi Jeffery
me4ut:: Good evening Chuck!  Missed me?????????
JefferyStewart:: Hello Chuck
LiveToRide:: Hey Jeffery.
GridOrange:: I think Weyman will continue to leave his options open.
JefferyStewart:: Back at you LTR
GridOrange:: Just like Rattay did.
GridOrange:: Till the ship comes in, you have some flexabilty
NickGrinnell:: Brett will give CPF a semister and no more
GridOrange:: semister?  Whats that?
dmkvol:: What's the latest on Meachem and Swain (i.e., workout reports)?
LiveToRide:: Chuck, do you think he's going to be influenced greatly by the results of our recruiting a qb this year or would that really matter to him?
GridOrange:: I think he is in the market for some real PT
CHVol:: Scott, what is your take on Patton and Wolke? How good do you think they are?
GridOrange:: If we get in another scholarship QB and odds are we will - He won't be too happy.
wncfb:: Crompton told me he LOVES Tenn and will make his decision early. He is going to the elite11 as a Jr. (they call it ballboy, Casey went when he was a Jr)
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raiderdj:: evening all
GridOrange:: Hiya Raider
LiveToRide:: Hey Raider
LiveToRide:: JMO but I'd have to think it would come down to who that scholarship qb was.
me4ut:: Hey Nick:  According to a post today, Littletx says he's 36 or 38 !!!!
JefferyStewart:: I think Tenn needs to sign 2 qbs this year
NickGrinnell:: i hope i am that energetic when I am 38
NickGrinnell:: thats pretty old :0
raiderdj:: UT definitely has a hole to fill at QB, no doubt about it... especially since Banks' heart is set on playing WR
GridOrange:: I Like what I've heard about Weyman but I'm apprehensive about predicting where he'll wind up.
LiveToRide:: Jeffery, what were your impressions of those qb's at UT's camp?
me4ut:: Just a LOT older than we speculated a couple of weeks ago!
NickGrinnell:: yeah he is older than I thought
Scott Kennedy:: I like the possibility of Patton and Weinke
NickGrinnell:: make sure you guys read the post on Recruitniks about top 10 best road trips
JefferyStewart:: Patton was wild high all  day  but his footwork was impressive and he's a  legit 6-4
NickGrinnell:: fun read
me4ut:: Woa!  Banks' heart set on playing that really true?????????????
JefferyStewart:: I  love Wolke's intangibles good arm needs to improve mechanics
CHVol:: Weinke? He is older than littletx
LiveToRide:: Jeff, do you know an accurate height on Wolke?  From what I saw at Vandy, he seems a tad small to me.
NickGrinnell:: Rocky Top News says Patton is 6-4.5
JefferyStewart:: 621/2
wncfb:: i saw him in Vegas 6'1.5"
GridOrange:: Hmmm
raiderdj:: Banks spent zero time learning the offense as a QB in the offseason... that shows me where his heart is
GridOrange:: What are the odds on having 3 different measurments?
LiveToRide:: Is it just me or does dad seem a bit too involved?
me4ut:: Jeffery - What's the sotry on this DT from Madison AL that hated his visits to Bama and Aub?  DId you see that post today??????
JefferyStewart:: Let's settle on 6-2
GridOrange:: I'm just glad Dad is one of the good guys
wncfb:: I went with Crompton to 3 camps and each time his ht was diffrent
me4ut:: Grid - How bout Height, width and depth????????????
JefferyStewart:: I'll have to check on DT
Scott Kennedy:: David Brown is the DT you are talking about
LiveToRide:: Not saying 6-2 isn't tall enough but it would worry me a bit.
Scott Kennedy:: his sister just graduated from AU
GridOrange:: AU have the lead then?
LiveToRide:: Sorry, I should have said Wolke's dad.  DAD1A is a fantastic addition.
NickGrinnell:: leave it up to an Auburn gread
JefferyStewart:: 6-2 is marginal but Leak is only 6-1/2
wncfb:: Leak aint 6'
GridOrange:: I don't know about Wolke's dad.  I do know he's doing some PR for him though.
JefferyStewart:: I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt
me4ut:: David Brown.   according to poster this afternoon, hated Auburn viist
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GridOrange:: The sister tie might not make any difference then.  Especially, if she's already gone.
GridOrange:: Welcome Laj
LiveToRide:: PR work, I can certainly understand!
JefferyStewart:: Wolke gets a lot of support from his family which seems very close
GridOrange:: LOL, hey thats right
raiderdj:: Initial stuff im hearing from the latest session workouts is Weyman is still working with the first team guys... Clausen, Leak and then Weyman in order... after that the starting WR and DBs go off and the next group of guys do their thing
NickGrinnell:: Wolke is a really good QB, his height could cause some problems
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Scott Kennedy:: 6-2 does not cause problems for height
me4ut:: Grid - if you get a chance go look up the thread.....guy has a bunch of offers, 4 star, 17th a postion and got offered by ND and loved visit but folks don't want him that far from home...etc, etc........
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GridOrange:: After visiting ND, I can see how a kid must feel visiting there.  It's cool.
me4ut:: Somebody make LTR mad??????? that was quite a flurry of activity!!!!!!!!!
NickGrinnell:: the chat sometimes gets a mind of its own
JefferyStewart:: Shawnee Williams was a  loss for  Basketvols
GridOrange:: I'm passionate about UT but if we were from that area, man ND is a great place to watch a game too.
LiveToRide:: My dialup is giving me fits.  Can't wait til we get a highspeed option in the mountains!
GridOrange:: I think it was because I winked at LTR
JefferyStewart:: Losing top two in state kids doesn't look good for Pete
NickGrinnell:: i think over the next few years Buzz wont be losing guys like he is especially in state
GridOrange:: Dial-up stinks
LiveToRide:: You charmer!
JefferyStewart:: Losing Keating won't help
NickGrinnell:: i really liked Kerry
GridOrange:: Aside from the loss of connections, java chat really performs well on either dial-up or fat-pipe
NickGrinnell:: he was a great recruiter
CHVol:: Jeff?Nick do you think Buzz will be able to lock down the state as he hoped & what are our chances with Tyler Smith?
raiderdj:: pretty amazing when you consider we are what, six weeks from opening the season?
LiveToRide:: Dial-up stinks but my neck of the woods was featured in this month's American Iron magazine.  Nice tradeoff.
GridOrange:: You get that too?
JefferyStewart:: They've got to reevaluate needs and who  else might leave like Winchester
NickGrinnell:: I think Tyler Smith is lock to wear orange
GridOrange:: What's AI about?
LiveToRide:: Tyler is crucial.  If we can't lock the state, I'm hoping his ties in the SW come through.  We need a great get for the hoop team.
LiveToRide:: Yep and others off the rack.
me4ut:: Has there been any progress regarding the "dorm  incident"
JefferyStewart:: Team already doesn't have a scorer
JefferyStewart:: can't take any more projects at this point
CHVol:: Who do you think Buzz will go after now?
NickGrinnell:: ding ding
NickGrinnell:: the time to start risking is over
LiveToRide:: American Iron...for H-D enthusiasts. Featured the N. GA mountains.
JefferyStewart:: Buzz needs to find a player to build offense around
JefferyStewart:: don't think that's wingate
LiveToRide:: I see wingate as a project.  Surprised at Winchester.  Not sure about his attitude.
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JefferyStewart:: He  didn't show  a lot of heart last season didn't respond well to pressure didn't play defense didn't shoot and  couldn't handle the ball
CHVol:: How good is CJ Watson's brother? Doesn't he graduate next year?
NickGrinnell:: a lot of peopel seem to like lil CJ
LiveToRide:: Wonder if that's the curse of the prima donna attitude haunting us again?
JefferyStewart:: cj's great and getting him backup will  help
JefferyStewart:: winchester has been a disappointment for  a top 50 player
GridOrange:: Evening GA
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CHVol:: I like CJ's attitude, he just goes out - plays the game and doesn't have to talk
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LiveToRide:: Glad to see Bradshaw exceeding early expectations with some of his play.  Sounds like a great additition.  Heady player.
JefferyStewart:: Bradshaw is  a throwback player fans will love
GaVol:: Hello All, glad to reach out and touch some Orange down here in Atlanta
NickGrinnell:: hello GA
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GaVol:: Hello Nick, I really enjoy the work you guys do
NickGrinnell:: practice starts Aug 5 guys
LiveToRide:: What we need are some of those "throwback" guys on the football team. Brooks excites me.
NickGrinnell:: thanks GA
GridOrange:: Hi Bigg
NickGrinnell:: we try
NickGrinnell:: Where you been Jason
GaVol:: Can you tell a difference in attitude or is it too early to tell
NickGrinnell:: i can def tell a difference
BiggJ:: k
NickGrinnell:: i think most all can
CHVol:: What are our odds with the Pressley guy from Carolina?
NickGrinnell:: how are you J
NickGrinnell:: Demario would be a tremendous addition
JefferyStewart:: Attitude  isn't the  only hurdle but it  might be  the biggest
NickGrinnell:: fair but not over the top
NickGrinnell:: agree with JS on attitude... killed us many times last season
BiggJ:: just getting in from work
GaVol:: I'm keeping my optimism tempered this year
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JefferyStewart:: this team still have to learn how to win and against great teams
GridOrange:: Well, we have lots of room for improvement.
JefferyStewart:: I  don't know if they have that type of confiden ce
BiggJ:: Did I miss anything important?
raiderdj:: attitude and work ethic seem to be good so far.... but JS is correct... how will they react when they take that first shot from Georgia in the mouth?
GridOrange:: I like the seasons where the expectations aren't as lofty.
NickGrinnell:: Cody Douglas got kicked off the team
GaVol:: The SEC is down right now so the opportunity for a Team to step up is there
NickGrinnell:: did you hear that J
NickGrinnell:: he was just too dang big
BiggJ:: Yeah, I heard
GridOrange:: It's much better to be a suprize to be good than to go the other way.
LiveToRide:: Cody......WHAT?
NickGrinnell:: that was a joke about Douglas gyys
NickGrinnell:: no truth whatsoever
GridOrange:: I nearly jummped off my desk.
GridOrange:: Whew
GaVol:: lol, enough kidding about such things
LiveToRide:: dawg you!
CHVol:: Nick just scared half of the Volunteer nation to death
BiggJ:: Nick, you know how internet rumors get started dont you ( smile)
Lokidog:: Scared me
NickGrinnell:: i hesitated a sec too late
raiderdj:: hehe, good thing the web chat didnt just drop connection on us all after that bombshell Nick
NickGrinnell:: that would have been interesting for sure
NickGrinnell:: J how is Cody'
GaVol:: Hey Grid, goes without saying how much we all owe you, but thanks again.
me4ut:: Aren't there a couple of new rules regarding practicing in pads and freshman only ????
NickGrinnell:: Cody's leg doing
NickGrinnell:: there will be no early frosh practice
BiggJ:: He's doing good.  He has to take it easy for a while to nurse his hamstring
NickGrinnell:: and no back-to-back days of 2 a days
GridOrange:: Hey, I am merely a vessel.  Thanks though.
raiderdj:: and i think its a three hour minimum rest time between practices on 2 a days
GaVol:: Where is Atlanta Vol?  I haven't seen him around in a while
GridOrange:: It's been a real pleasure working with the gang at RTN and the Insiders
LiveToRide:: I can see the advantage but from a football standpoint, I'm not sure I like that.
NickGrinnell:: yeah i am not sure about it myself
raiderdj:: most of the coaches ive heard comment on it aren't too happy about it either
NickGrinnell:: it is nice to let the frosh get broke in
LiveToRide:: He's reincarnated as littletx.  Great disguise, huh?
NickGrinnell:: then again those guys have already been there for a while
GaVol:: lol
NickGrinnell:: Jeckel and Hyde
GridOrange:: LTR, that not a disguse, thats a miracle
me4ut:: AV was over on Area 51 earlier today..............
raiderdj:: but since when does a coach like the NCAA telling them how to do anything?  avoid those strip clubs, dont partake in office pools... hehe
GaVol:: I look forward as the Season draws near for the regulars to start posting again.  Me, I'm just a lurker who enjoys the banter
LiveToRide:: Speaking of Jeckle...anyone catch the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
GaVol:: no LTR, but heard it was good
raiderdj:: LXG = DVD Rental
me4ut:: Nick - Can we expect your daily practice reports again this year????????????? :-)
NickGrinnell:: sort of
raiderdj:: if you arent familiar with the written story of LXG its probably acceptable
NickGrinnell:: we will have daily practice reports
me4ut:: Nick - Care to amplify on that????????
LiveToRide:: Risky move trying to capitalize on the comic craze but they did well. I enjoyed it.
JefferyStewart:: I heard it was awful but I haven't seen  it
BiggJ:: Nick any reports of the fresh performing in workouts
raiderdj:: what kind of practice access do they normally allow Nick?
NickGrinnell:: i havent seen the frosh yet J
GridOrange:: Night King
NickGrinnell:: most everyone seems to be impressed with Swain and Meach
GaVol:: I cannot wait to see some of those Fr Receivers in action
LiveToRide:: Casting was great but still risky. Not your usual well-known characters.
NickGrinnell:: mostly just media and program supporters/donators get into practice
NickGrinnell:: and me
Lokidog:: Saw Swain in
GaVol:: of course, we have 80 of 85 schollys invested in Rec.  Surely one will be good, lol
BiggJ:: Cody told me that Meach burned a couple of vets on the first
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me4ut:: If this team adopts the personality of our batch of linebackers, I think we will be awesome!
LiveToRide:: I've been meaning to ask vol12 to help get me in for one but time just never seems right.
NickGrinnell:: that wouldn't surprise me about Meach
NickGrinnell:: he is a burner
raiderdj:: yep, Meach can flat scoot
Lokidog:: oops, Saw swain in all star game He was something to watch.
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raiderdj:: hopefully he'll be disciplined enough to run consitent routes... thats the big thing in this offense
GaVol:: yeah, he looked good in all star game
JefferyStewart:: swain is a big time playmaker
LiveToRide:: me4ut, right on.  That's the source of our strength this least from an attitude standoint.
NickGrinnell:: i have said if a football player could be ready for the NFL straight of HS (never happen) Meach might fit that profile... if that makes any sense
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GaVol:: yeah, but does he know the blocking schemes?
NickGrinnell:: man i hope he does
GaVol:: tongue in check,
LiveToRide:: Now that I think of it, I can remember another team that had superior LB leadership.  Dejavu?
NickGrinnell:: partly serious though
BiggJ:: As long as he knows the endzone
JefferyStewart:: he has to get stronger but when  you seen  him dressed out you;'ll swear he was in the NFL
GridOrange:: Wasuup Vtown?
NickGrinnell:: the only thing that matters
me4ut:: LTR -  Hope so!  I think that KB may be a variation of AW and hope he will get in the face of anyone not busting butt!
NickGrinnell:: KB is a great mix of Leonard Little and Al
Lokidog:: If Meach is better than Swain I can't wait
GaVol:: KB and KS are two incredible players and with heart
GridOrange:: It's comforting to have those guys back.  Thats for sure.
LiveToRide:: Feast or famine.  With Meach, Swain to go with Banks and Jones, CC should be doing cartwheels!.
GaVol:: if they stay healthy, oh baby watch out
NickGrinnell:: CC seems to be very happy this summer
GridOrange:: Anyone else suffering from fieldgoal frustration?
Lokidog:: LTR that's a fact
GridOrange:: Defense might be important but
NickGrinnell:: Grid I think Vandy is maybe
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GridOrange:: I need my TD's.  I ain't too proud to see some blow outs this year.
LiveToRide:: ...not to mention handing it to Houston, Davis and Riggs when his arm tires.
KINGDAVID:: Who hear is tired of all the Auburn hype?
wncfb:: How has Casey looked in workouts?
GridOrange:: Lots of folks like good close games but I wanna kick some butt this year.
GaVol:: don't get me started on the offense, I might end up sounding like AV.  
BiggJ:: I could stand to see a blow out or two
JefferyStewart:: UT could  win on  great defense and special teams with an average  offense that made fewmistakes
NickGrinnell:: CC is throwing lasers
LiveToRide:: The AU hype is well deserved. That's a scary team is Campbell stays on course.
GaVol:: I truly believe our O line will be much better this year
GridOrange:: Here's looking at you CNY. Welcome.
NickGrinnell:: AU has to prove to me before i believe the hype
cnyvol:: Thanks grid
BiggJ:: Our o-line needs more unity
GaVol:: I still say the SEC is down, so this is a good year for AU, just like last year for UGA
GridOrange:: Who is tougher for us ? Miami or Auburn?
JefferyStewart:: Also Tubs hasn't shown he can go  the distance before
KINGDAVID:: LTR, you may be right, but I am waiting on the USC game before I believe anything.
raiderdj:: yep. all indications are CC looks solid, healthy, and focused so far... and really playing the leadership role
wncfb:: From what I have read in places this might cause a fight but, Tell me about Coach Sanders. Can he do the job as OC?
LiveToRide:: I've had little opportunity to see UT's backs live and up close but believe me, AU has the deepest, most talented group I've seen on one team. Jacobs is a freak. I pity the LB/DB who taking him on in the open field.
cnyvol:: I have a close friend who's on the coaching staff at Miami ..he said the Canes are loaded
BiggJ:: Miami will be tougher, at least from a mental standpoint
GridOrange:: AU might have the team to do it but Tubber is the type to do something boneheadded and lose a close one.
GaVol:: I think he makes a great Opry  Coordinator, OC
cnyvol:: they're still smarting over NC loss
NickGrinnell:: Auburn is to our conference title and Miami nationally
JefferyStewart:: It's hard to  make a living in the SEC  with run alone no  matter how good your backs are
LiveToRide:: I think AU is tougher.  Familiarity and an SEC opponent make for more pressure.
JefferyStewart:: AU's talent level isn't near Miami's
wncfb:: what does he do wrong, talk to me folks
GaVol:: I have a feeling USC beats AU at the beginning of th eyear
raiderdj:: I have concerns about Sanders when he goes to see the worst team in the NFL for offensive pointers
cnyvol:: anyone know about Riggs academic status
NickGrinnell:: that would be somewhat funny to see happen
GaVol:: but AU still  may be the team to beat.   LSU will be tough
BiggJ:: Getting beatg up and down the field the previous year at homew is also pretty tough
LiveToRide:: They've got the receivers.  The problem is Campbell's consistency.
NickGrinnell:: the Aubies would jump off the bandwagon in record numbers
wncfb:: what team did he go to
JefferyStewart:: Auburn hasn't beaten Arkansas in two years and  play at Fayetteville this year
raiderdj:: he spent some time with the Houston Texans
wncfb:: lol
GaVol:: good point JS
KINGDAVID:: AU also plays LSU in Baton Rouge.
GridOrange:: Tubber takes needless risks. LOL, like that one.
GaVol:: So big question, do we get another committ before the season starts?
Scott Kennedy:: The team to represent the west in the SEC hasn't done it with less than two losses in ages
vtownvol:: went to titans
me4ut:: Wingnut doesn't have the QB to win it all....Hopefully we'll break the code or somebody will before we get there.
NickGrinnell:: i say there wont be any more until Sept
GaVol:: look for the same out of the east this year
NickGrinnell:: maybe Santi or Wolke
GridOrange:: Yea the balance of power has shifted Westward - overall.
me4ut:: Anybody think we see Crhis Leak in the game at QB for Florida when we play em?????????
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LiveToRide:: Speaking of LSU, how's the S. Carey kid doing? Position?
NickGrinnell:: Wr
BiggJ:: me4ut- I don't think so
GridOrange:: Vologan - Hi there
vtownvol:: he will prob start
NickGrinnell:: i believe he is still a WR
KINGDAVID:: LTR, heard Saban on the radio saying he is expecting a lot out of Carey at RB.
GaVol:: got to run guys, enjoyed the chat...................i'll be back for more
NickGrinnell:: Shyrone doesnt appear to be the loss he once was
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NickGrinnell:: like i said, Carey is a RB
JefferyStewart:: Carey was one of the most explosive players I've ever seen on tape
me4ut:: Nick Is that Hoss or Loss??????
GridOrange:: Anyone heard anything about John Ward calling the HC game with Duke this year?
NickGrinnell:: loss
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NickGrinnell:: hoss can fit in too i guess
me4ut:: No Grid but could you please make that happen........please, pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LiveToRide:: That would be fantastic! One more time!!!!
JefferyStewart:: That wouldn't fit ward's MO but It would be great to hear
GridOrange:: I've done all I can
me4ut:: Ok, who's gonna be our other corner.............Is AS ok????????????
NickGrinnell:: 80% yeah
BiggJ:: As should be fine, he or Allen can do the job
JefferyStewart:: I got to think Jason Allen I  wouldn't count on AS
JefferyStewart:: Vols need a shutdown corner and I'm not sure JG is that guy
me4ut:: Jeffery - That doesn't sound good.............something else come to light?????
LiveToRide:: Jeff, is there something we've missed on the AS case?
KINGDAVID:: I am excited to see Allen and Fitch play. 
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vtownvol:: is the investigation still going on?
LiveToRide:: JG, so much promise but a career tailed off to be sure. Maybe a rebound this year?
NickGrinnell:: the AS investigation is still going on
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me4ut:: JG seemed to come on strong and then fade as season wore on..........or was it my imagination?????
BiggJ:: JG has the attitude of a shut down corner
NickGrinnell:: oh hello to a nole
NickGrinnell:: Jabari should be a great one
LiveToRide:: A nole in the house?  Is my son on the 'puter again?
JefferyStewart:: JG has has the talent he needs to get more physical
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raiderdj:: and like all great corners, he needs a short memory
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me4ut:: This investigation needs to get wrapped up one way or another..........We don't need another JR parallel that dragged on seemingly forever!
JefferyStewart:: good point
raiderdj:: each time he gave up a play he seemed to get less and less physical
JefferyStewart:: He played looser you're right
NickGrinnell:: he got apprehensive as teh season wore on
raiderdj:: but that will improve with experience... and successes
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JefferyStewart:: You've got to get in a receivers face his way and his mind to be a shutdown CB
LiveToRide:: Experience?  Didnt he start as a freshman?
me4ut:: JG and Company will be awesome if our Linebackers and DE's are scaring the pants off the QBs!!!!!!!!!
LiveToRide:: Jeffery, you got that.  Playing on your heels invites disaster. Body up!
vtownvol:: still a better corner than Battle
me4ut:: Having said that, I hope we stunt/stunt/stunt!  Certainly have the speed to recover!
JefferyStewart:: I wouldn't be surprised to see Brandon Johnson get early reps
LiveToRide:: FWIW, I thought Battle was awesome against Miami.  Watched him most every play.
vtownvol:: he had the size to play with Johnson
JefferyStewart:: Battle could play both big and small  receivers and he'd hit you A version of Dale Carter
JefferyStewart:: Dale carter and Terry
JefferyStewart:: McDaniel best ever at CB
LiveToRide:: Once he gets the mental part down, I suspect he'll have a great NFL career. JMO
me4ut:: Jeff - Excited to hear you have any film on Johson you can post up???????
raiderdj:: and Dale Carter was a kick blocking god
JefferyStewart:: It's hard to  get JC film He'll  remind you a little of Battle though
LiveToRide:: I hope he does blow us away.  Means fewer reps for Jones on D.  Good news to be sure.

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