Top DT has long list

One of the premier defensive linemen in the nation took a few minutes to give an update on his recruiting and which teams are still in the hunt.

JH: What have you been doing this summer?

DP: "As a team we train everyday from 4 to 6 p.m. I went to camps at North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and I spent some time at Virginia. I really didn't participate in most of the camps, because I was told by the coaches that I really didn't need to. However, I did participate in a few drills at the North Carolina camp."

JH: Since you didn't really participate in the camps, what did you end up doing?

DP: "I spent most of my time at the camps just trying to get to know the coaches and see a little of their campus."

JH: Have you grown any this summer?

DP:"I am maintaining where I was at the start of the summer. I am still 6-4 and I weight 289, which is where I want to be for the start of the season."

JH: You are ranked as one of the top defensive tackles in the country, so how many scholarship offers do you have?

DP: "I would say that it is over 30 schools at this point."

JH: Who are some of the schools that you are still considering?

DP: "I am going to sit down and talk to my coach and mom at the beginning of our season and try to narrow down my choices. I am looking at Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Virginia and Virginia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, UCLA, Clemson, South Carolina and Florida."

JH: You are still considering just about everybody, are you getting edgy to narrow that list down some?

DP: "I don't really mind still having all these teams on my list. I still think it is early in the recruiting process."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DP: "I have talked to Bob Stoops and he was great to talk to. He told me that not only are they ranked high on the field, but they have a real high graduation rate and that is my top priority. I think their assistant coaches are great guys as well."

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