Attention RTN Subscriber: LAST DAY TO SIGN UP!

Rocky Top News/ is happy to announce a re-design in the way that we are able to get all the UT sports info to you. Click the link to get the full story.

Dear Rocky Top News subscriber,

In our continuing efforts to better serve our readers, we are upgrading the magazine to all-gloss pages and adding color throughout. We also are changing our circulation format to a monthly cycle.

Although our readers will be receiving fewer ssues, they will be receiving a substantial benefit. All subscribers will receive FREE for the remainder of their current subscription.

The sports weekly has become obsolete due to the Internet, radio and television. Rather than challenging the Internet and the instantaneous information it provides, we are embracing the Internet. The weekly features on University of Tennessee football games which once ran in our magazine now will be diverted to our website, All of the post-game insight and analysis is still available to our readers. But it will be available IMMEDIATELY via the Internet, rather than four to six days after the fact via a weekly publication.

We believe this is a huge step forward in our never-ending effort to provide the best -- and timeliest -- coverage of UT sports available anywhere.

As before,, partnered with The Insiders, will provide:
* daily practice reports
* total access to ALL college websites
* all NFL team websites
* the entire Tennessee recruiting database
* members-only chat sessions (including one-on-one discussions with Jeffery Stewart, Scott Kennedy and Randy Moore)
* members-only message boards (where you can ask us questions 24/7)
* and membership in the largest college sports network in the world.

To activate your free subscription please notify us no later than August 1 with your name, address and zip code exactly as it appears on your subscription label by email at

Your subscription to will begin on August 1, just in time to follow the Vols as they embark on what promises to be an intriguing 2003 season.

The combined value of RTN and for one year is $107. So, if you have 12 months remaining on an RTN subscription you bought for $49.95, you will be receiving more than double the value in magazine and Internet coverage. And, when your current subscription to RTN lapses, you may renew for just $39.95, a $10 savings over the previous rate.

Finally, our switch to a monthly publication cycle will enable us to provide more recruiting stories, more human interest stories and more issue stories, rather than recapping ball games that would be days old by the time you read them.

We're convinced this is the best way to serve our loyal subscribers and give you the best coverage possible.

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