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With Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt enjoying open dates, this week's SEC schedule consists of just six games. LSU is as close to an open date as you can get without actually having one, hosting Towson.

This weekend's most interesting matchup projects to be Tennessee at Georgia. The other games — Ole Miss at Alabama, Arkansas at Texas A&M, South Carolina at Kentucky, Towson at LSU and Missouri at Central Florida — promise about as much intrigue as a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

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InsideTennessee's Danny Parker and Chris Price posted perfect 10-0 marks on last week's SEC Picks. Randy Moore was 9-1 and Josh Woodward 8-2. Parker, at 40-5, has a two-game lead for the season. Below are their picks for this week, with year-to-date won/loss records in parenthesis:


Ole Miss at Alabama: The Crimson Tide should be able to get some carries for backs Nos. 4 and 5 in this one. Alabama, 52-7.

Arkansas at Texas A&M: That Razorback train derailed a couple weeks ago. National championship talk has turned into wonder if they can get bowl eligible. Texas A&M, 41-9.

South Carolina at Kentucky: Steve Spurrier, in a classy move, calls off the dogs sooner than he would have 10 years ago. South Carolina, 38-6.

Towson at LSU: Who scheduled this one? Confidence booster for the scout team and walk-ons in the fourth quarter I suppose. LSU, 58-0.

Missouri at Central Florida: It's time for the Tigers to start representing the top division in the top league in the country. Missouri, 24-10.

Tennessee at Georgia: Just don't see the passion to take the Vols back to the upper echelon of the SEC. Georgia's got that swagger on top of tons of talent. Georgia, 41-13.


Ole Miss at Alabama: Not sure what do think of this game, will Bama beat them by 49 or 59. I will go with 49. 52-3 Alabama

Arkansas at Texas A&M: Arkansas has imploded and it doesn't stop with A&M. 28-17 Aggies

South Carolina at Kentucky: South Carolina looked great against Missouri, they will look great against a worse Kentucky team. 48-10 Gamecocks

Towson at LSU: Who is Towson? I seriously have never heard of them, so I will go with LSU. 63-7

Missouri at Central Florida: Missouri got hammered by South Carolina, let's see if they can bounce back this week against Central Florida. 35-20 Missouri

Tennessee at Georgia: The buzz in Knoxville is gone after the Florida loss, the Akron win wasn't much better for the morale of the fans. Tennessee needs to play lights out to have a chance at Georgia, they need some breaks to go their way. I don't see the defense being able to stop Georgia running the ball, making the 4th quarter a rough one to watch for Big Orange fans. 35-21 Georgia


Ole Miss at Alabama: Hell will Hugh Freeze over before I'd pick the Rebels to win this game. Tide, 35-7

Arkansas at Texas A&M: The John L. Smith farewell tour continues. Aggies, 31-10

South Carolina at Kentucky: The Joker Phillips farewell tour continues. Gamecocks, 31-10

Towson at LSU: I'm taking the Tigers, 35-0 ... at halftime. LSU, 56-7

Missouri at Central Florida: UCF beat Akron more decisively (56-14) than Tennessee did and played THE Ohio State University to a 15-point loss in Columbus. Still, I have to go with the SEC team. Tigers, 27-20

Tennessee at Georgia: The Vols will have a lot better chance to win against the Bulldogs they face in Game 6 at Starkville. Dawgs, 31-21


Ole Miss at Alabama: Again, I won't even think about an Alabama pick until they play LSU. Tide 48-13.

Arkansas at Texas A&M: These are becoming no brainers as well, at least when you are talking about Arkansas. Aggies 34-17.

South Carolina at Kentucky: Kentucky is plain turrible in the words of Sir Charles. That's right I said turrible. South Carolina 42-12.

Towson at LSU: I can honest say I have never heard of Towson, but I feel terrible for them. I hope no one is killed. Tigers 38-0.

Missouri at Central Florida: Probably a little closer than an SEC team should play, but does Missouri really even count yet? Tigers 31-20.

Tennessee at Georgia: I have seen nothing out of this Tennessee team that makes me think they have the mental toughness or just the pure determination go win this football game. I think they will give up some big ones and they crawl into a hole. Bulldogs 48-13.

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