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JefferyStewart:: UT didn't have much luck with Lee Wheeler from AZ but Terry Fair was great
raiderdj:: and this kid Uriah Marshall is a helluva DB
JefferyStewart:: I'll check on Miller and see what I can  find out
raiderdj:: 4.4 speed, etc
JefferyStewart:: I know a lot of people love marshall  but i haven't seen film on him
raiderdj:: and then kid Allen Smith... 310lbs as a SR OL this year... kid is a monster
JefferyStewart:: There's good JC talent out there
raiderdj:: still cant get over how big these kids are now
raiderdj:: hi ya Nick
NickGrinnell:: hey
JefferyStewart:: Nick ready to take one last trip down the information highway
raiderdj:: sorry nick, we didnt mean to interrupt your NCAA 2004 game
NickGrinnell:: ha
raiderdj:: but those controllers do need a break once in awhile
NickGrinnell:: us and Georgia... 14-7 lead... sat night ESPN game
NickGrinnell:: bigtime
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JefferyStewart:: which game on UT's schedule would you  most like to see Vols win this season
NickGrinnell:: Alabama
NickGrinnell:: no question
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raiderdj:: as far as rival, id think so
JefferyStewart:: I never tire of beating bama but I would love to see UT take a bite  out of the dawgs
NickGrinnell:: GA ranks a close second... esp since I cant seem to contain Fred Gibson
raiderdj:: yep, thats my #2, Georgia is going to be a handful this year
ValleyVols:: Hey guys! Just logged on.
NickGrinnell:: whats up man
JefferyStewart:: talk to us VV
ValleyVols:: Not a lot, can't wait to see pigskins flying in the air.
raiderdj:: hi ya VV
NickGrinnell:: VV whats thisw i here about Brohm all of the sudden getting interested in us again
JefferyStewart:: it's so close  you can begin to  smell it in the air
ValleyVols:: I am not ready to believ anything Brohm says right now. I believe he will dragged his decision to the end.
raiderdj:: yep, Brohm is definitely playing all the political cards
NickGrinnell:: he better do it by Xmas or the decision will be made for him
JefferyStewart:: I'm  not sure Brohm is the best fit for Vols either
ValleyVols:: Oops. Typos. Sorry.
raiderdj:: but can you really see him not playing for his brother?
raiderdj:: where they'll design the system right to his strengths?
ValleyVols:: I agree with both of you Nick and Jeff.
JefferyStewart:: I never saw him as a Vol
NickGrinnell:: im like Jeff, Patton would be a nice fit in the system
ValleyVols:: If Michael Bush does what I believe he can, L-ville may not need a QB for a couple of years
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raiderdj:: good point VV
NickGrinnell:: agreed
JefferyStewart:: Yeah Bush may do well  there
JefferyStewart:: I don't think he plays pro as a Qb  though
ValleyVols:: Patton seems to have the makings of a great college QB. I met him at the UT senior day camp and he is a first class kid as well.
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JefferyStewart:: yeah he's  a real humble kid who  has done remarkably well in two years at QB
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NickGrinnell:: Hey Jas
ValleyVols:: Nick or Jeff, has the new RTN mailed?
NickGrinnell:: yes sir
NickGrinnell:: you should be getting it in the next day or so
JefferyStewart:: I got mine  today
NickGrinnell:: aint she a beaut
ValleyVols:: Funny thing, I never have received a RTN. I thought it came with the subscription to the site.
NickGrinnell:: hey it came with the 99.95 not the 79.95
ValleyVols:: OK
NickGrinnell:: didnt you get the 79.95
ValleyVols:: Yup
NickGrinnell:: cool
ValleyVols:: I'll pick one up at a bookstore soon
NickGrinnell:: J why did I have to creat Cody on NCAA 04
NickGrinnell:: thats crap... he is on the cusp of the first team
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raiderdj:: so were a week closer to the season, things becoming any clearer?
BiggJ:: I don't know, He's not too thrilled about it though
NickGrinnell:: i would be pi.... ticked if i were him
ValleyVols:: Good question, there are a few guys I wondered why they were left off the game.
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NickGrinnell:: next to being an all-american, its the top honor
ValleyVols:: No joke!
NickGrinnell:: am i the only one with Meach as their top receiver... please say no
raiderdj:: yeah, you know some of these kids have to sit up at night and play their own player on the PS2 or XBox, etc hehe, that has to be a kick
BiggJ:: Yeah he had fun last year putting himself in the starting rotation and this year he's not even on the roster
lajvol:: BiggJ, looks like I'm a little late, you guys are already talking about it, but what did you guys do to EA to keep Cody off the roster?
ValleyVols:: I like to keep my games as close to simulation as possible, so M. Jones is my #1 right now.
NickGrinnell:: maybe it will be another form of motivation
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BiggJ:: I don't know but he'll just have to make all SEC this year to make sure he's on the game next time around
ValleyVols:: Seriously, one of those WR have to step up. Playing time is there to be had.
ValleyVols:: The Frosh I mean
JefferyStewart:: There's not reason a great freshman  can't contribute early at WR but UT's system does make it more difficult
JefferyStewart:: Clayton at LSU is a good example
raiderdj:: hard to say how many passes Banks will get at WR this year too... if he's part of the third down package, or just a few times a game, etc
ValleyVols:: Explain J-Stew
NickGrinnell:: Reggie and Mike Williams are fair examples as well
BiggJ:: My guess would be Meach but I would rather an upperclassmen step up so the frosh can redshirt
NickGrinnell:: wouldnt we all
NickGrinnell:: J has Cody gotten to know any of the frosh more than just in the football complex... just hang out, etc
JefferyStewart:: Receivers play a game outside the scope of the interior line and  essentially they run the same routes  and execute the same in terms of fundamentals; At UT WRs have to make a lot of reads and route adjustments though
NickGrinnell:: hey Steve
BiggJ:: He went to Nash with them a couple of weeks ago and said they all seem to be a pretty good bunch of fellas
mbevolsteve:: I've read that Meach and Swaim have looked great in the 7 on 7 drills along with Tony Brown. They said Brown is catching everything that comes his way.
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ValleyVols:: True. But, I believe if you can make plays, Phil will find a way to get your touches.
NickGrinnell:: Tony has always had good hands, he just cant take one the distance
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NickGrinnell:: AAAWWWW V12 is in the house
Vol12:: Howdy guys!
NickGrinnell:: how r u
raiderdj:: he V12
cnyvol:: hello all
Vol12:: covered up
mbevolsteve:: Hey guys hows it going?
NickGrinnell:: hello to you CNY
ValleyVols:: Nick, if you were asking me about Cody I don't know.
BiggJ:: All we need is Tony to be a possesion receiver and that will draw attention for Jones, wade, banks  or somebody to get deep
cnyvol:: Hey Nick whats the good word for me here in Syracuse?
NickGrinnell:: Sorry i meant that for Bigg J, got confusing
NickGrinnell:: Hhmmm CNY.... football is 39 days away
NickGrinnell:: good enough
Vol12:: BiggJ, y'all coming in for the Fresno game?
BiggJ:: Yeah we'll be driving in Friday morning
cnyvol:: anything new on the recruiting front
NickGrinnell:: slow right know
NickGrinnell:: i am thinking we will have another or two before we kickoff
JefferyStewart:: no one ready to pop  that I know of but that can change depending on who they decide to offer
cnyvol:: I was at a camp here in Syracuse a few weeks ago and got a chance to see Henne close up...he's a stud
Vol12:: Great, maybe I'll see y'all at the walkthru Friday afternoon
ValleyVols:: Here is a little inside recruiting news, Marshall has very much jumped into the picture for QB Corey Russell.
BiggJ:: Yeah, we're planning on making that
cnyvol:: unfortunately from how he described things its between Miami and Penn State
mbevolsteve:: I heard Henne had said he is no longer interested in the Vols
JefferyStewart:: that would be a good pick up for  the Herd he's going to be a solid DI QB in my opinion
BiggJ:: I wish we could get the DT from Carolina
NickGrinnell:: Marshall would be a great place for Corey
Vol12:: A little news from the 7 on 7 informal workouts. Meacham is impressing our DB's
cnyvol:: thats good news
NickGrinnell:: every player seems to really be impressed with Meach
JefferyStewart:: As dangerous as Meach is as a deep threat he's even better with ball in hand
ValleyVols:: Corey worked out with Chad Pennington a few days ago after Chad's QB/WR camp. Marshall's Off. Coordinator was there working the camp. We will see what happens.
cnyvol:: hows the backup quarterback situation fairing?
Vol12:: I talked with Brandon Johnson and A. Stewart this weekend. Both spoke well of his ability
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mbevolsteve:: Anybody heard the deal on Riggs? Is he going to be in fall drills?
NickGrinnell:: i think he is gonna be good to go
JefferyStewart:: If Riggs gets in it's the greatest academic comeback in NCAA history I hope it's a sign of things to come from Riggs
NickGrinnell:: definitely a good sign
NickGrinnell:: 24 out of 24
NickGrinnell:: nice stats
mbevolsteve:: You are right about that JS.
JefferyStewart:: we're talking about 24 credit hours in threemoths from a guy who struggled every inch of high school
ValleyVols:: Good point J-Stew.
JefferyStewart:: Gerald Sr.  must have had to ride his butt all the way
mbevolsteve:: I just hope it is all straight up.
BiggJ:: All he needs or needed to do is mature a little
Vol12:: Judy Jackson won't have it any other way than straight.
JefferyStewart:: yeah he's actually very articulate
NickGrinnell:: i can promise it was straight up
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NickGrinnell:: we arent Alabama
ValleyVols:: With Ced, Jabari, and Larkins this year is a red shirt a possibility for Riggs?
mbevolsteve:: I like that.
Lokidog:: must have seen his future going down the drain
JefferyStewart:: I don't think he'll be here four years so I'd say no
BiggJ:: Once he got to campus and had to prove himself rather than everyone filling his head with how good he was, it was just a matter of growing up
NickGrinnell:: agree
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mbevolsteve:: Yea Nick you are right about that.
raiderdj:: the latest story on Weyman should hit Knoxnews tomorrow... Griff had an interview with him today.
ValleyVols:: Know anything raider?
JefferyStewart::  I wish I as optimistic about Weyman as some of you guys
cnyvol:: how is Weyman doing btw
BiggJ:: It would be nice if he was to turn out to be specicial
ValleyVols:: Gotta go guys! Be good.
mbevolsteve:: I have just lived in AlAbAmA to long. And all the news talk radio and newspapers
DrBubba1One:: can ANY of the freshmen WR REALLY help this year or not based upon what you have seen???
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NickGrinnell:: i think Meach will
NickGrinnell:: he has impressed me during 7 on 7s
JefferyStewart:: Swain and  Meachem will be in rotation and two  of top three by season's end in my opinion
DrBubba1One:: what impressed you? Swwain plus or minuses??
mbevolsteve:: Nick how much have you been watching the 7 on 7's ?
NickGrinnell:: Swain can get up and catch the ball... his speed isnt on Meach's level just yet
NickGrinnell:: just a couple Steve
NickGrinnell:: when I can coordinate to get out of the office
mbevolsteve:: Did Clausen look heathly?
JefferyStewart:: Swain has ex ceptionally strong hands good leaping ability and is competitive
NickGrinnell:: i think CC looks better than ever
DrBubba1One:: How are the OL workouts?
NickGrinnell:: i have only seen the OL twice and Respert isnt 100% yet but he told me he should be by Fresno
mbevolsteve:: Thats great to hear.
DrBubba1One:: Who ae your starting 5 right NOW? Who would sub?
mbevolsteve:: i'm speacking of CC Nick.
JefferyStewart:: Respert was one of the best guard prospects I've ever seen coming out of high school
JefferyStewart:: if  he reaches potential he could still be great
NickGrinnell:: Munoz, Respert, Wells, Herrera, Young
raiderdj:: yep, CC has looked great from all ive heard
mbevolsteve:: How's Tinsley looking in the 7 on 7's.
tennman68:: What about Cody?
NickGrinnell:: DT always looks great when you are working out of pads
Vol12:: Tinsley is looking good I hear
DrBubba1One:: Where is Douglas and Smith in the OLrotation??
JefferyStewart:: I like Herrera at tackle and Smith at guard
NickGrinnell:: A very, very, very close 1A
mbevolsteve:: How about Larkins? I heard he was doing well.
DrBubba1One:: which Smith???
NickGrinnell:: Chavis is still wearing 3 braces on each leg
JefferyStewart:: Rob
BiggJ:: Herrera didn't impress me much in his short periods at tackle last year
Vol12:: Larkins is a great athlete. If  his attitude ever matches his ability he will be awesome
JefferyStewart:: I  think he starts early with Douglas eventually taking ove r
mbevolsteve:: Thanks Vol12
NickGrinnell:: yeah thats what i am thinking
DrBubba1One:: Any Redshirt OL looking good? I am looking for depth in OL
NickGrinnell:: if Corey's attitude is ever half his ability, he will be an A
NickGrinnell:: all0American
JefferyStewart:: Brandon Jefferies will come on and push for PT
mbevolsteve:: Who's is going to be the TE?
JefferyStewart:: Aaron Searswill make an early impact
JefferyStewart:: McClure at tight end
Vol12:: Jeffery, that's the most optimistic I've heard anyone be about jefferies
NickGrinnell:: McClure most of the time with splashes of Reed and Finlayson
BiggJ:: I heard Sears looks like the incredible hulk
JefferyStewart:: Really He's got to get a little bigger but his ability is outstanding
DrBubba1One:: I am looking down the road to next year for OL? Who could that be based upon developemnt this year?
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BiggJ:: Jeffries will be good in two years
JefferyStewart:: Eric Young Sears Jeffries Douglas and Smith all have excellent ability
Vol12:: I agree, BiggJ, I don't think he'll be a factor this year
DrBubba1One:: Center position has me concerned
Vol12:: They're pushing Rob Smith to play at center
NickGrinnell:: not sure Rob is down with that though
BiggJ:: Next year center will be either R. Smith or Respert
NickGrinnell:: CPF loves him there though
mbevolsteve:: How about Ritzman, Burnett, Simon How are they all doing? Will they all be ready to go by practice time?
Vol12:: Rob seems to be warming up to it
NickGrinnell:: all those will be ready
NickGrinnell:: Ritz may be a little slow, but he will be ready
mbevolsteve:: Tks Nick
DrBubba1One:: Any guys leaving befoer the first game?
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Vol12:: I talked to Justin Harrell Saturday too, he says his ankle still is a little stiff but he's been cleared for 100% participation in running and conditioning
JefferyStewart:: There's no way of knowing until they begin contact
tennman68:: What happens if CC gets hurt?  Who's #2 in the rotation?  Is Banks a QB or a WR
DrBubba1One:: What do you hear on Herra graduating at the end of Summer Semester?
BiggJ:: We better all pray
JefferyStewart:: Banks is first to play if CC goes down
tennman68:: how much work is he going to get behind the center
JefferyStewart:: OL can help ensure CC's health this season that didn't happen last year
JefferyStewart:: Banks will  probably split his reps between QB and WR  like last year there's no other viable option at this point
raiderdj:: Id think if Weyman ends up making the team he'd be #3, and redshirted... so an emergency guy only
Vol12:: Probably right raider. I think Weyman's too green to play this year, no matter how talented he is
NickGrinnell:: Weyman and Hardegree will have a leg up next spring
JefferyStewart:: If Vols get hit with injury at QB like they did in 94 it will make last year seem  like a picnic
BiggJ:: How is Hardegree looking in the drills, I have not heard anything on hum.  I actually forgot about him
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tennman68:: Is the coaching staff going to give Weyman a real shot
NickGrinnell:: Bo looks okay
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Vol12:: Tennman, I think they will, but it won't be til spring
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mbevolsteve:: That would be very ugly  JeffS.
JefferyStewart:: Yeah and there's no Peyton Manning waiting in the wings
JefferyStewart:: not even a chris leak
NickGrinnell:: thank goodnes
NickGrinnell:: 82
tennman68:: What happens if we sign  two top prospects at QB? does he still get that chance?
Vol12:: I think so.
JefferyStewart:: I understand no school offered Weyman a scholarship at least DI school
BiggJ:: we wont sign two top QB's -- One top and one of the kids from in state who could be pretty good
JefferyStewart:: I agree Bigg J
bees4ut:: whats up guys my first time in the chat room i'm ready for soom football!!!
tennman68:: who do you think that will be?
mbevolsteve:: Is the Wolke kid that good?
JefferyStewart:: It's always football time in Tennessee at IT
mbevolsteve:: Gotcha
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JefferyStewart:: I like Wolke a lot and think  he's probably a top 10 QB nationally
mbevolsteve:: Who else do you think besides Wolke?
BiggJ:: Maybe Patton
JefferyStewart:: in state I know they'll look at Heffner and  Russell 
raiderdj:: Actually JStew i heard Weyman turned down UConn his Jr year and then there is a La Tech offer out there hanging
JefferyStewart:: but they like to sign Wolke and  Patton or another top 5 QB
NickGrinnell:: i agree
tennman68:: Can we Brohm is he a lock for Louisville?
JefferyStewart:: I don't see Brohm at UT
BiggJ:: It depends on what happens in Louisville this year
JefferyStewart:: It's be Brohm to bush in 2004
tennman68:: 47 TD's 1 Int. Thats impressive
mbevolsteve:: I think that would be an awesome pair. I would take those 2 today without looking any futher wouldn't you JeffS?
BiggJ:: What about Brohm to Banks in 2004
JefferyStewart:: Bush could have honestly played five positions at college level
JefferyStewart:: You never know but I doubt that happens
JefferyStewart:: I believe there's at least four QBs vols would rather have at QB
mbevolsteve:: Rate them JeffS
tennman68:: Who?
raiderdj:: is there another problem at UT we aren't seeing?  What makes you think guys like Wolke, Patton and another top five would sign when no top QBs signed last year when the backup spot already looked wide open?
bees4ut:: i think the leak situation hurt us last year
mbevolsteve:: Hey Jeff come on now. Who do you think?
tennman68:: What about Chad Henne
BiggJ:: I we are due for one.  We just got Banks who was a top 5 the year before
JefferyStewart:: Morelli, Henne, Reid Patton and Weatherford maybe Xavier Lee also
raiderdj:: Well i hope being "due" isnt the sales pitch Randy is using
mbevolsteve:: Thanks Jeff
BiggJ:: I hope not
JefferyStewart:: there's also a kid in California they  like  who I can't remember
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BiggJ:: what about the kid from Texas
JefferyStewart:: Timing is everything when recruiting a QB but UT is one of the best jobs in the country and it should sell to a top QB
raiderdj:: i guess thats my question, is it still seen as one of the best jobs in the country?
JefferyStewart:: Robert Reid is the guy from Texas
mbevolsteve:: I agree with that JS.
BiggJ:: sure it is
raiderdj:: we know it has the potential to be... i just wonder what made things turn so badly last year for QB recruiting
JefferyStewart:: Sure it is because of the level of pro talent UT produces and the big time atmosphere of the program
mbevolsteve:: I thought Bomar was the big man in TX?
BiggJ:: Bomar is who I was talking about
Vol12:: raider, Leak told everyone he was coming and ran everyone else off, then things went sour and it was too late to get back in
raiderdj:: i hope its as simple as that Vol12
JefferyStewart:: there are several from  Texas  Reid intrigues because of his 4.4 speed and 6-3 215 size
BiggJ:: Why would this not be an ideal spot for a QB.  We have almost nothing but AA's on the O-line, AA's as WR and AA's at RB and kthat is for the next three years
bees4ut:: i think it was the same situation as sims a few years ago
JefferyStewart:: timing is everything with getting the QB you want the most and if you focus on one and lose him it's too late to get back in on others  a lot of  times
Rompun:: Hi guys, I've joined late in the discussion. 
JefferyStewart:: That happened with Sims and with Leak  for UT
JefferyStewart:: Let me pose this
BiggJ:: pose it
JefferyStewart:: question again who do you most want to beat this season
bees4ut:: i don't think we can aford to make one guy the man and lose out on some others this year
tennman68:: Florida
Vol12:: UGA
vtownvol:: alabama
bees4ut:: gators
tennman68:: all of the above
JefferyStewart:: UT is making every effor not to do that this seasson bees4ut
JefferyStewart:: I pick UGA followed by  Bama
bees4ut:: i hope your right
raiderdj:: it shouldnt be done any season... focusing on one guy just doesnt make any sense
raiderdj:: its not like any of the top kids are gurantees to make a big impact, muchless be "the man"
JefferyStewart:: Yeah but Vols are in a desperate situation at QB next season
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bees4ut:: you would have thought they would have learned  a lesson after sims
BiggJ:: Florida, Auburn, UGA, Bama, and Miami --all of them in that order 
JefferyStewart:: thanks BiggJ
tennman68:: You don't need to be nationally ranked to be a good QB
mbevolsteve:: Gotta go guys have a great week and GO VOLS.....
NickGrinnell:: see ya Steve
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raiderdj:: going after these kids that every other big school is looking at just makes no sense... its just a roll of the dice, thats not recruting, thats just plain gambling
JefferyStewart:: You're right but the scouting proces and combines have eliminated a lot of doubts that used to exist about QB prospects
tennman68:: If you don't go to the camps you won't get ranked
BiggJ:: Well guys I gotta go let a three year old ride her bike before it gets too dark, see ya next week
Rompun:: Does anyone remember Hal Mumme commenting on our "lack of wide receivers " a few years ago?  I think that hasn't helped our QB situation lately.
NickGrinnell:: see ya J
JefferyStewart:: Most of these prospects know the importance of making the combines and most do but you still miss great QBs sometimes witness Chad Pennington
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raiderdj:: too many big schools rely on the "look at me" factor and rely purely on reputation of the school...
tennman68:: And Drew Brees
tennman68:: And maybe Brett Weyman
raiderdj:: you see a lot of the same in baseballl... and rankings, etc... Baseball Weekly had the Diamondbacks with the last rated farm system... not one player in the top 100
JefferyStewart:: another good example a marginal prospe ct out of Texas
raiderdj:: and this year they had literally five players come up and carry the team during a serious stretch of bad injuries... now all of a sudden they have a top farm system
JefferyStewart:: Don Mattingly was a 17th round pick in the MLB draft
tennman68:: Baseball is a different animal
raiderdj:: i guess my point is if more schools did their homework, and found kids they knew were more than likely to come to their school, rather than compete for the 10-15 top kids, yould be deeper and more successful

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