Looking for a McDonald's team

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Nutrition, conditioning and weight training have been a huge emphasis for Butch Jones and his coaching staff since arriving on the Hill back in December.

That being said, it was a bit surprising when running backs coach Robert Gillespie said Jones said they are looking for a "McDonald's type of team." However, after a thorough explanation it couldn't make more sense.

"We become a really good football team when you know what you are going to get," Gillespie told reporters Thursday. "Coach Jones talks about McDonald's. Why do people go to McDonald's? Because a No. 1 is the same in America as it is in China. A No. 1 in Oklahoma, you know what you are getting. You order a No. 1 in Chicago, you know what you are getting. That is the type of football team we want.

"We want a McDonald's type of team where you know exactly what you are going to get every day when you order it. It makes sense to me. I've never heard it like that, but when I see Alden Hill in the game I know what I'm going to get. When I see Rajion Neal in the game I know what I'm going to get."

Gillespie drew reference to one of the all-time great basketball players in the NBA saying the Miami Heat know exactly what they will get out of superstar LeBron James on a night-in night-out basis. The effort is always there, which offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian says will be the key focus Saturday afternoon for the Dish Network Orange & White game.

"We are about effort, tempo and finishing," Bajakin said Thursday. "That is what we are looking for on Saturday as much as it is how much they have mastered specific plays or specific skill sets. That is not as important as playing with great tempo and great effort."

And quite possibly the man that is searching for that consistency the hardest is wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni who is just trying to teach his group to come with effort every day.

"There are guys quite frankly that have no idea how to work and no idea how to win," Azzanni said. "That is my job to teach them all those habits and do those things because what they have done here in the past hasn't worked. I have to teach them.

"I would like to see some effort. I want to see who the tough guys are and who is consistent when the lights come on."

Even with things moving at a blistering pace during spring practice, the headman says the Vols will try to ramp it up to another level in August when the Vols fire up fall camp.

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