Jaime Nared in her own words

Jaime Nared is keeping Lady Vol fans updated about her life in the months before she arrives at Tennessee. Go inside for this special feature for subscribers from the class of 2014 signee.

InsideTennessee: Jaime Nared, a 6-1 wing from Oregon, is the athletic scorer and defender that Holly Warlick wanted in the Class of 2014. She has agreed to write some entries for this site about her final year in high school and to let fans know more about her before she arrives to Knoxville.

Jaime Nared in her own words:

What number do you wear and why?

I wear number 30. Well, I was 49 growing up but freshman year of high school I was the youngest and had to choose last, so I just picked 30, kept it ever since.

If you didn't play basketball, what other sport would you have tried to play in college?

Cheerleading! I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. I would just need a lot of work.

What is your favorite high school class?

AP psychology.

What do you think your favorite class will be in college?

I want to get into broadcasting, so the classes in that area.

Do you have any routines or superstitions you have to follow before a game?

So many! Shower before every game, listening to music, praying.

I've gotten better, though. Last year, I had to paint my nails for every game, so when I forgot I would do them while we were having our pre-game talk. (I don't know if that'll work next year. :) )

They just had to be done!

What phrase or phrases stick in your mind that you have heard coaches say?

"Raise your standard."

If you are channel surfing, what movie will make you stop and watch every time, even if you've seen it before?

Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Parent Trap

Bring It On

What is your favorite television show?


What is your favorite color and why?

Baby blue and pink, because they're obviously the best colors besides orange. :)

What food, if you had to eat it every single day, would you choose?

Ethiopian food. I like all food, but Ethiopian doesn't all taste the same so day to day I wouldn't get that sick of it.

What song can stay on repeat and you don't get tired of hearing it?

"Oh, What A Time To Be Me." -Randy Travis

Can you cook and, if so, what?

I can make a mean fruit salad!

You just won millions playing the lottery. What is your first purchase?

Giving half or more of it away to charities. Then, taking care of my family. And then a pink-and-blue Lamborghini.

Do you have any talents that aren't sports-related?

People always ask me to do their hair, so maybe a hairstylist in the making.

Can you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?

If playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb," on the piano counts, then I can play a little piano!

What app on your phone would you miss the most if you didn't have it?

Instagram or Candy Crush.

You can invite three people, living or dead, to dinner. Who are they and why?

Martin Luther King Jr., my grandmother and grandfather – just to meet them and just get to know more about them.

And, finally, you get three granted wishes. What are they?

1. Wish for 13 more wishes.

2. Everyone in the world to be healthy.

3. An unlimited sour candy supply (and getting no cavities from this).

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