Tucker feels 'wanted' by Vols

InsideTennessee.com keeps you on top of all the latest Tennessee football recruiting news. Scroll down to read about a three-star who calls the Vols one of his leaders.

Carl Tucker simply brims with boyish enthusiasm when talking about Tennessee.

The Scout three-star rants about his "tight" relationship with Vols coaches and raves about their elaborate training facilities.

It's no surprise Tucker says Tennessee has an "excellent" chance to land his talents.

And decision day is getting closer.

The William Amos Hough (N.C.) High School standout plans to announce where he'll be playing his college football this summer. As of right now, Tennessee and North Carolina are his unchallenged leaders.

Tucker said he likes aspects of both schools, but after his most recent trip to Tennessee for a junior day event he feels the Vols may have a slight edge over the Tar Heels because of a superior relationship with the coaching staff.

"I have a good relationship with the Chapel Hill coaches, but it's obvious that I'm wanted here. I feel way more wanted here," Tucker told InsideTennessee. "I feel like they have a plan for me and can use me in a certain type of way and know what to do with me if I come here. … I feel like they know more what to do with me here. They have a plan here."

While the 6-foot-1, 225-pounder took in two Tennessee games at Neyland Stadium last season, he was far from bored by trip No. 3 to Knoxville.

Tucker said he thoroughly enjoyed getting an in-depth tour of the Vols' athletic facilities, something he didn't get the chance to do while on campus for games.

"Comparing it to all the other facilities I've seen, it's so much better and nicer. They have some things that other colleges don't," Tucker said. "They have some things in there you don't even think they need. They have every little small thing.

"I just got to see more than usual this time, which was really nice. Before, I had only seen a little bit of the facilities during the games but I got to see in depth of what they do. It was just great."

Tucker also was joined by his parents, who have now seen campus on two separate occasions.

After touring the Thornton Center, Tucker said his parents gave the Vols their clear stamp of approval.

"They like it a lot. My mom loves it," Tucker told IT. "She's like an education person. So when we went to the educational building she was in love. I don't know why. But she was just looking at me and smiling at some points when the guy was talking. They definitely like it here a lot."

It's clear Tucker and company are high on Tennessee, but what isn't certain is where his future would lie should he decide on a career in orange and white.

Tucker, who is listed by Scout as a wide receiver and safety, weighed in at 225 pounds.

He said Tennessee coaches are keeping the door open to all options – safety, wideout, and linebacker – but he's starting to see that his future is likely in a two-point at outside linebacker.

"I can play both ways, but I'm accepting the fact that I'll likely play linebacker," Tucker told IT. "I'm perfectly fine with that. Just wherever I can play works for me."

Tucker plans on tripping to North Carolina to watch the Tar Heels take on Duke in basketball on Thursday. He also plans to schedule another trip to Knoxville to watch a spring practice.

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