Berry twins recruiting Harrell 'hard'

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Marquel Harrell talks with handfuls of different recruiters every day, but that doesn't mean he's just speaking with coaches.

The Scout three-star offensive guard says he talks "constantly" with Elliot and Evan Berry, Vols signees and brothers of former Tennessee standout Eric Berry.

Harrell, who is teammates with the Berrys at Creekside (Ga.) High School, goes as far as saying the twins recruit him "harder" than most college coaches.

"They won't leave me alone about Tennessee, man. It's every day. We're bros, so we're real tight," Harrell told InsideTennessee. "They love the Vols and they let me know that. They're always saying, ‘Man, stop playing. You already know you want to be a Vol. What you waiting for?'"

The Berrys may be waiting for a while before Harrell makes a decision.

Harrell recently decommited from Ole Miss, saying he felt he rushed the decision. He promises his next declaration will be his last.

"I'm just trying to find that perfect place," Harrell said.

While the 6-foot-3, 295-pounder claims to have no favorites among his list of 13 scholarship offers, he certainly has plenty of positives to say about Tennessee.

"I've always been a big Tennessee fan," Harrell said. "I love that offer. I really like the Vols."

Harrell, who will visit Knoxville on March 8, said his relationship with the Berrys "could" play a factor in his recruitment, but adds that he knows at the end of the day he has to make the best decision for him.

That means the Class of 2015 standout is researching schools and depth charts on his own in attempts to produce an early leaders list.

"I'm still going over everything and seeing how I fit in, you know?" Harrell told IT. "Still looking at the depth charts and looking at how I would fit in the offense and stuff like that. I'm not trying to rush."

In that search, Harrell will be looking for a place where he can play early and for a school that offers a "nice surrounding area."

"It sounds funny, maybe, but I want to like where I am," Harrell said. "I don't want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere."

Harrell says the Berrys have assured him Knoxville is far from boring. But as far as early playing time goes, that conversation takes place with Tennessee offensive line coach Don Mahoney.

Harrell and Mahoney speak about everything from the chances of early playing time to the Vols' rebuilding plans—a plan Harrell "fully" believes in.

"Me and coach (Mahoney) have a really good relationship," Harrell told IT. "We talk about how Tennessee is on the rise and how they're just bringing in great players. They're going to have a great season this year. I wouldn't be surprise if they were undefeated soon."

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