Shutack 'stoked' to visit Vols

InsideTennessee keeps readers informed on all the latest happenings in Tennessee football recruiting. Scroll down to read about a fast-rising offensive tackle prospect who is high on the Vols.

Jack Shutack will never forget sifting through the mail roughly a year ago and stopping when he found an envelope with a small orange "T" printed in the corner.

The Vols sent the Scout three-star offensive tackle his first ever piece of recruiting mail, and Shutack has been interested in Tennessee ever since.

"Once I got that letter, I was so pumped. I'll never forget that," Shutack told InsideTennessee. "I was like looking stuff up about the Vols like crazy."

As a result, the Nazareth Academy (Ill.) standout knows more about the Vols than most recruits who play their high school ball just a few hours from Knoxville.

"Everything about Tennessee just seems great. That stadium — Neyland — sits just under 103,000. The Vol walk is awesome," Shutack said. "And I hear those facilities are like the best in the country."

But lots has changed since Shutack was a wide-eyed junior surfing the web for random facts about the Vols.

Today, there's no shortage of recruiting mail.

"Everything has been picking up like crazy," Shutack said. "It's just awesome."

The 6-foot-6, 275-pounder currently holds three offers from North Carolina State, Western Michigan and Rutgers. But it seems more could be one the way.

Shutack believes grade concerns scared away several suitors. But that's no longer an issue.

Last year, Shutack has diagnosed with dyslexia. After countless hours of tutoring, he scored a 27 on his most recent ACT.

"Since that score, it's all started picking up," Shutack said.

Shutack has plans to visit Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan State and Missouri this summer.

"It's going to be awesome," said Shutack, who plans to be in Knoxville on June 15. "I'm racking up the miles this summer. I can't wait."

Shutack rattles off a lengthy list of reasons when asked what he's most excited to see and do during his Tennessee visit, but touring the Vols' freshly finished athletic facilities may be at the top.

"I've just heard so much about the facilities," Shutack told IT. "Apparently, they just have everything you could ask for and then some. Like, I'm excited for everything. But I'm really pumped for that. I've watched a few videos on them and stuff."

Shutack is also looking forward to spending time with Tennessee offensive line coach Don Mahoney.

"Coach (Mahoney) and I have a really, really great relationship," Shutack said. "He's just a really good guy. I could tell right away. Like, he's the kind of coach you know you want to play for. He's really down to earth. I like him a lot. He says he's really excited to get me down there."

The excitement is certainly mutual.

"I'm just counting the days till I get down there," Shutack said. "It feels like a long wait.

But once the visit is over, Shutack will be waiting to see if the Vols offer.

"A Tennessee offer, wow, that would be unbelievable," Shutack told IT. "That would mean so much. Since my dyslexia diagnosis only two other schools have taken a chance on me… for them to offer me, it would mean so much. They're taking a chance on me and they believe in me. That would just be huge.

"If Tennessee offered, they would be up top for sure. I want it bad."

Shutack feels he'd be a good fit for Tennessee's up-tempo offense, as he runs a similar-style no huddle in high school.

"I think I could really help (Tennessee) out," Shutack said. "I like to play fast. That's the kind of offense I want to play in. There's no better feeling than just gassing a defense. You know, just knowing your opponent has nothing left in the tank."

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