Holyfield On Midwest Tour

A day after camping at Michigan and earning an offer, 2016 runningback Elijah Holyfield was at Ohio State working out in front of the Buckeye coaching staff. How did things go in Columbus?

As the son of former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, there is a lot of pressure on Elijah Holyfield to live up to the family name. The top 2016 runningback impressed Thursday at Ohio State.

Holyfield, 5-foot-11, 190-pounds, certainly passes the look test for a rising junior, and he showed quick feet going through drills. He plays for Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia.

"It was real nice at Ohio State and I got to work with Coach (Stan) Drayton a lot," Holyfield stated. "We worked in a small group and I got some one-on-one work with him. I like the way he coaches, and he's real intense and wanted everything done perfectly."

"We worked on the inside zone run, and pressing the hole off the offensive linemen's heels," he added. "I really didn't see much of the campus, but I'm coming back Friday to meet with Coach Drayton again. I have a lot of favorite schools, but I like Ohio State a lot. The coaches were all great to me."

College recruiters have already noticed Holyfield, who holds nearly 20 offers currently.

"I think I'm a back that gets tough yards, but I'm also able to break the big play, so I'm an all-around back," he explained.

"Michigan is my most recent offer and I now have 19 offers," he continued. "That was a nice offer and they've been to my school to see me before. I had a great camp, and Coach (Brady) Hoke gave me the offer."

"Both of these schools are places I would love to see again for a second visit, and I will definitely stay in contact with both," Holyfield admitted. "I'm also a big fan of Tennessee, Louisville and Ole Miss right now, but it's still early in my recruitment."

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