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You get the best coverage available of Vol recruiting each time you visit InsideTennessee. Check out this story on an imposing camper from Ohio who just got a UT offer:

Since his previous visit to Tennessee's campus Justice Alexander has grown from 199 pounds to 236. His reputation may be growing at an even faster pace.

Following an impressive showing in last weekend's Vol camp, Alexander was extended a scholarship offer on Thursday. The Class of 2015 defensive end from Nordonia Hills High in Macedonia, Ohio now packs 236 pounds on a 6-foot-4 frame that appears ideally suited for rushing passers.

So, how did he manage to put on 37 pounds of muscle in the past year?

"I stayed in the weight room," he said. "I stopped playing basketball. I just said ‘I've got to focus on football because that's what I love.' I've been pushing the weights and getting bigger. I've been eating everything. Anything I get my hands on I've been eating."

Alexander probably needs another 15-20 pounds to play defensive end at the major college level. At the moment, however, he's battling to keep the weight he currently carries.

"I just want to stay strong," he said. "I'm trying to stay 236. Most D-ends came in at this weight – I looked ‘em up – so I've always wanted to improve myself and try to be a little bit better."

Besides increasing his heft since the previous visit to UT, Alexander believes he has increased his knowledge of football, as well.

"I think I learned more about the game," he said. "I still want to learn. I think I've seen a little bit of improvement. I just keep trying to improve, never be satisfied."

Alexander enjoyed his first visit to Tennessee's campus. The second visit allowed him to take in more detail and get a better idea of just what Vol football is all about.

"I liked it the first time I came here," he said. "It was like, ‘OK, I see what it's all about. Just show me what I've got to work on.' I'm working even harder than I used to work, so I wanted to see how much I improved at this camp."

Interviewed as he was leaving the campus, Alexander had not yet been extended a scholarship offer. He felt his visit was a win/win, however, even without getting an offer.

"That's a goal but I want to learn, as well," he said. "I want to learn what I can improve on and better myself."

Alexander currently lists 10 offers – Tennessee, Michigan State, Pitt, UMass, Ohio U, Bowling Green, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, Albany and Ball State. He has visited Michigan State, Pitt and Tennessee. He may take a break now.

"We might shut it down for a little bit, so I can focus more on my team," he said, "then go back out for one or two more camps."

Tennessee's camp, he said, was a little different than Michigan State's and Pitt's.

"I like that they gave us a tour," he said. "It's an all-around good atmosphere. They're all good atmospheres. They all love the game, and that's what I love, too."

Although Tennessee's campus is undergoing the razing of Stokely Athletics Center and assorted construction projects, Alexander saw beauty among the ashes.

"It's a beautiful campus," he said. "They've added more stuff to it. There's a good atmosphere, friendly people with a love for the game."

Playing in the powerful SEC is a lure for some prospects but that isn't high on Alexander's priority list. He saw enough he likes about Tennessee without considering conference affiliation.

"Truthfully, just playing football is appealing to me," he said. "I didn't really see nothing bad about it."

Alexander's game is pretty basic. He likes to pin back his ears and chase quarterbacks.

"I'm just a good pass rusher, aggressive," he said. "That came from good coaching."

With 10 offers in hand, Alexander is in no hurry to trim the field … or name a leader.

"It's like an even playing ground," he said. "It's all about getting an education and playing football."

Asked how Tennessee's sales pitch differs from other schools, Alexander smiled.

"They're all selling the same thing – degree and playing football," he said. "That's what I'm here for."

Ideally, he'd like to make a decision on his college future before fall. That way he can focus his attention on having a big senior season of high school ball.

"I might try to make it before the season," he said, "so I can stay focused and not have nothing else but to focus on my teammates and doing well for them."

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