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Gabe Angel out of Cookeville, Tenn., continues to have three schools at the top of his list, but there are more colleges trying to get into the mix.

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"I still hear from Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Kentucky the most," Angel said. "I would put Vandy up there too. Mississippi State contacts a lot too, but I am getting a lot of new interest. Schools like Florida State and Georgia. They are showing me a lot of interest. Notre Dame has been contacting me a lot too."

What stands out about Tennessee?

"The tight end coach at Tennessee, Mark Elder, I have been building a relationship with him since the end of my freshman year. I also talk to coach (Butch) Jones a lot. They did a really good job in last year's recruiting class, and it looks like they are putting together another nice class. I think you will start seeing them to turn it around on the field this season. I do not know when it is going to happen but it will. Tennessee being the home team; I just like that. Same goes for Vandy."

The Rebels offered Gabe Angel his freshman season. Ties have been built with that staff as well.

"I like coach (Hugh) Freeze a lot. I like how he carries himself and what type of person he is on and off the field. I can't really explain it but it feels different with coaches Freeze and their tight end coach (Maurice) Harris. I have been building a relationship with those guys since the start of my 9th grade and it's just different."

The 4-Star tight end attended the Ole Miss camp in late July.

"I had a good time down there. I always do. I just spent a lot of time with coaches Harris and Freeze. We watched a lot of film. I just wanted to hang out more with their coaches to see how I fit in and how comfortable I am. I feel like I fit in and can see myself there. They have a tight end there that I like in Evan Engram. I watched him a lot last season to see how I would fit in. I think my abilities fit in well in that system. You are able to move around and not just put your hand in the ground and become a blocker. You can move around in the backfield and catch the ball. I saw how they moved Evan around and that really got me interested."

"I think my strengths are getting open and catching the ball. I use my speed to get open. Some say I can see the field really well. I can find the open spots."

Vandy is the closest school to home.

"I'm obviously real familiar with Vandy. It's in my backyard. I went over there this summer and met up with their coaches. I am just now starting to build a relationship with their tight end coach. We are starting to build a better relationship with him but so far I like Vandy. I just need to get to know their staff better."

Kentucky has also been a factor from the start.

"Coach Morrow, their tight end coach, I like him a lot. He played ball in the pros. He knows a lot about teaching. They are going to throw the ball a lot too. They have not been very good, but I think they are about to start turning it around. They are getting another real good recruiting class this year."

What is Georgia saying?

"They came to watch me this spring. They talked to me and wanted me to come over there this summer. I have been talking to their tight end coach a lot. He wanted me to come up there for their camp, but like I said, I couldn't because I tweaked my knee. I guess he is going to be watching me this fall to see how I am doing."

Where all did Gabe visit this summer?

"I went to Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vandy and Kentucky. I tweaked my knee so I couldn't participate in any of the camps in July. Georgia, FSU, and Notre Dame wanted to get me over there to work out in front of them but I couldn't. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit those schools this fall."

Gabe has played multiple positions in high school. He played running back his freshman season in a Wing T offense. His sophomore campaign he played slot and outside receiver while also returning kicks and playing some cornerback on defense.

"I think my strengths are getting open and catching the ball. I use my speed to get open, but they say I can see the field really well. I can find the open spots and get open too."

To watch highlights from Gabe's sophomore and freshman seasons, click here.

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