Vincent Perry hears Vols fans everywhere

InsideTennessee spoke with Vincent Perry and a couple of other Hillsboro players that have Tennessee on their radar.

WINCHESTER, TennesseeVincent Perry is rated by as a 3-star running back although Perry says he would like to play as a slot receiver in college and maybe a little baseball as well.

On Friday night, Perry showed that he can get open, make catches and run the ball with impressive speed.

Many have wondered how much an injury Perry sustained while playing baseball almost a year and half ago would impact his ability to make cuts on the football field. Perry claims the leg is fine. It's a response one would expect from a guy ready to go out and play SEC football in less than a year. However, Perry has the speed to prove it.

"I feel good going in and out of my cuts," said Phillips. "As you can see I had a nice run. I felt good running the ball."

The 5-10, 173 pound future Volunteer has been training to get back to full speed, working on coming out of his cuts and having quick bursts of agility. It's hard to question his health with the way he was able to gallop past players last Friday.

The Hillsboro senior and recent Tennessee commit spoke to InsideTennessee about his decision to join the Volunteers, saying "Committing to Tennessee was exciting." "I felt like I got a lot of pressure off of me."

Boro teammate, Kyle Phillips, still feels that pressure. Although Phillips says Perry talks to him a little bit about Tennessee, they both made it clear that it is Phillips' decision and Perry doesn't want to be that much of an influence.

"I just kind of let him have his own decision," Perry said. "Not let me make the decision for him. We haven't talked much about him coming over there."

Even if Perry says very little, he admits that just the fact that he is committed to Tennessee could make a strong impact on Phillips' decision.

Something else his teammates have been witnessing since Vincent committed to play football for a school with one of the biggest fan bases not bound by state lines, is all the attention he gets from Tennessee fans. Where some of that attention comes from may sound a little shocking.

"I get a lot of Go Vols," said Perry as he pointed over to the Franklin County section. "I heard it a lot out here while I was playing. Franklin County fans, players and also refs."

It's hard to imagine fans of an opposing high school cheering for someone who just gashed their defense for 47-yards and a touchdown. Or opposing players and referees telling Vincent "Go Vols!" during and after the game. That is, however, the reality that comes with committing to play for the home state institution.

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