Rocky Top League teams chosen

Wednesday marked the eighth annual Rocky Top League draft, with former Vol Bobby Maze going No. 1 overall to the Knoxville News Sentinel team.

With the clanking of beer glasses and dripping of pizza grease on the plates of those inside Doc's All American Grille Wednesday, the eighth annual Pilot Rocky Top League draft concluded.

A total of 36 players made up this year's draft, with all 11 Tennessee basketball players on the current summer roster playing on a team. Former Vol Bobby Maze, who played for Tennessee from 2006-10, went No. 1 overall to the Knoxville New Sentinel team, followed by Robert Hubbs, Wayne Chism, Armani Moore, Detrick Mostella and Kevin Punter.

“The draft is always fun with everyone getting together," league commissioner Andre Whitehead said. "It’s kind of like a fantasy football draft in a way. We’ve had the same coaches for eight years, so that’s pretty cool. I’m real excited.”

The draft lasted nine rounds and featured players from all levels of college basketball, as well as former players. The Rocky Top League gives fans a chance to have an up-close look at new recruits who have just signed with Tennessee, along with notable players and fan favorites from the current team.

“A lot of times you kind of get to see what they’re made of. There have been times when guys will come in and their eyes will just sort of light up. They weren’t expecting this many people in the gym for basically a pick-up game," Whitehead said.

"It’s real exciting for the people to get a chance to see the new guys. People have read about them, heard about them, but just a chance to actually get to see them play is usually really exciting.”

The first set of games are scheduled for June 15 starting at 6 p.m. All games will be played at Knoxville Catholic High School. The league's full schedule can be found at

The 2015 Pilot Rocky Top League teams are as followed:

Knoxville News Sentinel

Bobby Maze

Devon Baulkman

Ray Kasongo

Michael Blue

Jordan Williams

Spencer Shoffner

Devonte Jenkins

Aaron Hughes

Brody Stone

Tillman Companies

Robert Hubbs

Jalen Steele

Devin Schmidt

Gerel Simmons

Carson Brooks

Josh Murray

Rob Murphy

Mason Fox

Milton Stanley

DeRoyal Industries

Wayne Chism

Shembari Phillips

Kyle Alexander

Will Adams

Brandon Cole

Halston Lane

Raul Placeres

Darius Tomlin

Corey Fagan

Game Time Lights

Armani Moore

Jabari McGhee

Jonathan Adams

Brandon Lopez

Hunter LeVeau

Drew Standifer

Calvin Walker

Tyler Yoder

Sam Watson

Rick Buick GMC

Detrick Mostella

Dre Mathieu

Derek Reese

Dominique Wright

Chase Mounce

Greg Hernandez

Pops Ndiaye

Bryce Cusik

Oterriah Lee

H3 Sports

Kevin Punter

Admiral Schofield

Jaumonee Byrd

John Higgins

Addison Flynn

Quincy Scates

Isaac Merian

Andy Barnett

Jordan Hall

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