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Welcome to another edition of The Monday Mailbag. You ask the questions, we answer them, you nod your head and smile.

After a week hiatus to pay the light bill, the Monday Mailbag is back and ready for your questions. You didn’t think we’d leave for good without saying goodbye, did you? To the questions!

Is there anything new on the status of Quay Picou? I am assuming if he does not make it that will allow us to have another commit in this class. Is that correct to the best of your knowledge? — Mulley

There haven’t been any major updates on the Scout three-star defensive tackle that we’ve heard. The last development on Picou earlier in June was that he still has some academic work to take care of before he can qualify. His potential absence from this class wouldn’t give Tennessee another 2015 scholarship. With the decommitment of 2016 offensive lineman Brodarious Hamm Sunday, the Vols desperately need Picou to join them on campus to stay near the top of the All-Name standings.

What new guy has impressed you the most in the Rocky Top League? — Jerry

I’ll be honest with you. Everyone looks good in the Pilot Rocky Top League. There are so many deep threes, thunderous dunks and flashy passes it makes me feel like I could go out there and drop at least 10, until I trip walking up the bleacher stairs and realize how winded I get walking to the concession stand to buy a chili cheese hot dog. Nope. With that said, all of the new guys have shown flashes of why they were highly coveted by Rick Barnes and his staff, but I think the most impressive newbie so far has been Shembari Phillips. His handles are already better than what I expected and he should be able to alleviate some of the pressure on Lamonte’ Turner or whoever else runs the point in 2015-16. He’s an athletic guy with a good jumper and hasn’t been afraid to take it to the rack or pull up and nail a three, as evidenced by his 35 points in Wednesday’s game. Kyle Alexander is definitely a close second, but the award for best newbie so far (and best hair) goes to Shembari Phillips.

The most important two-game stretch on the schedule this year is? — Hunter H.

Two games! I had the best answer if you had asked about the most critical three-game stretch, but you hamstrung me, Hunter, and now I’m sweating over my keyboard like I just walked to the concession stand at the Rocky Top League to buy a chili cheese hot dog. If we’re going two games back-to-back, I think I’m going Arkansas October 3 and Georgia October 10. Beating the Hawgs extremely tough rushing attack and physical offensive line at home would be a statement to the rest of the SEC, especially the West teams who have enjoyed division superiority as of late. It would also be an enormous confidence boost heading into a critical matchup against the Bulldogs in Neyland Stadium with early East implications on the line. For Tennessee to win the division, beating a Georgia team at home that is still searching for a starting quarterback just has to happen.

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