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What new signee have you heard coaches talk highly about? — Adam Randos

He's been mentioned before in this space, but wide receiver Brandon Johnson is a guy who's been spoken highly of since signing his letter of intent last Wednesday. At a signing day celebration in Knoxville, wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni proclaimed that "in 3 years, we're going to be real happy when he gets drafted in the NFL." The staff loves his genes, as his father is former MLB catcher Charles Johnson, and the American Heritage standout has a lengthy 6-foot-1 frame that wlll easily add weight to complement his open field speed.

"He's got the bloodlines," director of player personnel Bob Welton told InsideTennessee. "He's a great worker and a great kid, he's just a litle underdeveloped. I really think he's a kid that in two years you're thinking, 'Wow, what a steal.'"

Do you feel Josh Dobbs is prepping for the MLB draft a year from this spring? — clrlyric

This is an intriguing question. For those who don't know, Tennessee baseball coach Dave Serrano announced on Jan. 29 that Dobbs worked out with the baseball team but wouldn't elaborate further. There are a couple of different scenarios we can presumptiously tack on to this revelation:

1. Dobbs misses baseball and used the spring workouts to continue getting in shape while playing a sport he enjoys.

2. Dobbs wants to enter the MLB draft when his football playing days are over, seeing the potential opportunity as a springboard into professional sports and is getting a head start on it.

3. Dobbs, who is not currently on the roster per Serrano, wants to play both sports and is testing the waters. 

4. Dobbs watched Angels in the Outfield (the Danny Glover one) and was so inspired he had to go throw the baseball.

I'm going with one or two, although four is a solid sleeper pick. We'll find out the real answer when he's available to the media again during spring practice.

How are things working out for Zac Jancek after his dad was released? — EastTNTSO

I'm sure it's tough to deal with and I can't imagine the emotions involved. Jancek is still on Tennessee's roster per a university spokesman.

Why did you pick against the Broncos in the Super Bowl? — Andrew S.

Because I'm an idiot, Andrew.

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