Burnett pleased with Day 1

Star linebacker <!--Default NodeId For Kevin Burnett is 670325,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:670325]>Kevin Burnett</A>, who tore an ACL in Tennessee's 2002 opener and missed the rest of the season and all of spring practice, was pleased to be back on the field for Tuesday's opening preseason workout.

''It was like old times, getting back into the flow,'' he said. ''It was kind of like a kid, stepping back out there again.''

The knee held up well, Burnett said, although one workout hardly qualifies as conclusive proof.

''I feel like if I go hard and it swells up, then we know I need to take some time off,'' he said. ''If I go hard and it doesn't swell up, then everything was a success.''

Burnett conceded that he was aware of his knee as he participated in drill work for the first time in nearly a year.

''I heard some cracking and popping,'' he said. ''Once it cracked and popped I'd look, then I'd say, 'OK, it's all right.' ''

Asked if anything surprised him about Day 1, Burnett singled out freshman linebacker Daniel Brooks.

''Daniel Brooks looked really good for an incoming freshman,'' Burnett said. ''A couple of new guys on the defensive line looked real good. We're just trying to find out where their heads are at and find out their learning capacity.''

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