Peyton Manning on retirement: 'I've been very much at peace with it'

Peyton Manning is not going through withdrawal from football. In fact, a peace has taken over the future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.

Peyton Manning provided the "gift of education" to four more Tennessee students at a ceremony in the Peyton Manning Locker Room within Neyland Stadium on Monday afternoon.

"This is a special day for me," Manning said. "This is something that we hope to continue forever. I'm really proud of this association. I look forward to coming back to this every year."

The four recipients were Benjamin Cruz of Chattanooga, Andrea Ramirez of Cookeville, Chad Smith of Bristol and Courtney Wombles of Loudon.

After the scholarships were awarded, Manning spoke about retiring from football and how his time will be spent going forward.

"I'm really excited about having a free fall for the first time in 22 years," Manning said. "Shockingly, it's going to involve some football. I'll be at the Battle At Bristol, I'll be at the Tennessee-Alabama game and I'm going to College Station for the game on the road."

A 10-year reunion with Indianapolis Colts teammates that won a Super Bowl as well as watching brother Eli Manning compete for the New York Giants are in the works.

Manning spoke about visiting Knoxville more later this year, the Manning Passing Academy, Joshua Dobbs, getting his Super Bowl ring from the Denver Broncos, Tennessee recruiting and much more in the video above and below.


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