Vols can play multiple QBs, too

The Kentucky Wildcats are getting a lot of publicity these days because they plan to utilize two quarterbacks -- passer Jared Lorenzen and runner Shane Boyd -- simultaneously this fall.

Sometimes Boyd will line up as a receiver. Sometimes Lorenzen will line up at receiver or fullback. Occasionally, BOTH quarterbacks will line up shoulder-to-shoulder in shotgun formation, with the opposing defense left to guess which will receive the deep snap and initiate the play.

The Arkansas Razorbacks are planning a similar ploy to exploit the talents of a passing quarterback (Ryan Sorahan) and a running QB (Matt Jones). Jones occasionally will line up as a wide receiver in an attempt to exploit his height (6-6) and speed (4.4).

If Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer were so inclined, he could top both Kentucky and Arkansas. The Vol skipper could put FOUR quarterbacks on the field at once. Casey Clausen would line up behind center, with three converted QBs -- James Banks, Chris Hannon, C.J. Fayton -- at the receiver spots.

The flea-flicker possibilities would be endless.

Imagine: Clausen takes the snap and hands off to Banks, who is coming horizontally across the field on an apparent reverse. Banks then laterals to Hannon on a double-reverse. Hannon then pulls up and lobs to Fayton, who by this time would be standing all alone in the end zone.

Hey, it just might work.

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