Two heads better than one?

The two-quarterback system is working out nicely at Florida.

That's the word from Ingle Martin, a Nashville native who remains the Gators' starting quarterback but is sharing the load with touted freshman Chris Leak.

While most athletes would resist the time-sharing plan, Martin claims he has no problem turning the ball over to Leak from time to time.

Tennessee's defense can expect to see both quarterbacks on Saturday, when the Southeastern Conference rivals meet at The Swamp in a crucial East Division showdown.

"It doesn't bother me," Martin said. "The last time I was a starter and played every snap was in high school. I am just glad to get the opportunity to help the team."

Both Martin and Leak have performed admirably this season, with Martin holding a slight edge in playing time and in statistical categories.

Martin has thrown for 449 yards and three touchdowns in three games. He is 31-of-45 passing with one interception. Leak has passed for 283 yards and two touchdowns. He is 25-of-37 passing with one interception.

Generally, Florida coach Ron Zook has allowed Martin to open each game as the starter, with Leak taking over after a few possessions. So far, there have been no complaints, Martin said. While some would argue that the starter would normally be in a good rhythm just as he is being yanked from the game, Martin begs to differ.

"I'm not a big believer in getting in the rhythm," he said. "I don't want to make excuses. You should be able to put yourself in a good position no matter when you are in the game." Zook appreciates the way both quarterbacks have accepted their role in the offense.

"I am very pleased with both," he said. "It has gone well. Their attitude and how they have handled it has been great. They have both been good for the team."

Martin says there is little difference in his style of play compared with that of Leak.

"I wouldn't say we are really two different looks," Martin said. "We are running the same offense. There are a few things he does that I don't do, and a few things I do that he doesn't do."

Leak's knowledge of the offense and ability to read opposing defenses is improving rapidly, according to Zook and Martin. Though he wouldn't disclose any future plans, Zook hinted that Leak's playing time might soon increase.

"He is making great progress," Zook said. " He is way ahead of someone with his experience. It's phenomenal. He just needs to play more. He will get much better." Martin agrees: "Chris is picking things up as well as anyone could," he said. "The more repetitions he gets, the more improvement he will make."

The Gators' attack has been impressive so far. Florida has piled up the points through three games, even putting up 33 points against Miami in a disappointing loss.

" I have been pretty pleased with the offense," Martin said. "We've done what we needed to do. We blew some chances, but overall we've done well."

The burning question remains: Can the Gators remain this productive against SEC competition?

"We'd sure like to," Martin said. "The SEC is one of the best conferences in the nation, as everybody knows. There are a lot of good defenses. We have the talent, but talent isn't enough. Playing smart is what is most important. Talent only takes you so far. The game is 95 percent mental."

Martin knows the Tennessee defense ranks among thebest in the SEC.

"They are certainly of the same caliber as Miami when it comes to defense," he said. "They have some of the best athletes in the country. For us, it's a matter of not making mistakes. If we do that we have a better chance of scoring points."

The Gators currently rank among the nation's best in scoring offense.

"That's maturity and knowing what to do," Zook said. "The more you do something, the better you will be at it. We know our personnel a lot better now, and we know what they can do."

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