Wednesday Practice Report

It's become quite obvious that the Tennessee football team and staff have had enough of practice. The open date and the first half of this week have been dedicated to correcting mistakes, working on fundamentals, and undoubtedly preparing for the Florida Gators. What they really want to do is play.

"Obviously the adrenaline is a little higher," said head coach Phillip Fulmer. "But we have a routine we stand by. We try not to change unless there is a real need to do that."

For the first time this season, the Vols will begin a game before 3 o'clock. In Fulmer's mind, the noon kick-off between the Vols and Gators is a bit of an advantage.

"It's kind of good because you don't have to anticipate it all day long," Fulmer said.

Another advantage that Fulmer and his team posess is experience across the offensive front.

"At this point we've got four seniors and a junior that's played a lot of football on the offensive line," said Fulmer. "There's not much they haven't seen. In any game you play there has to be adjustments. I don't know if there's going to be any surprises either way. They've got a pretty veteran group up front and we do too."

Tennessee tight ends have become accustomed to being glorified offensive linemen over the years. However, Fulmer took some time to praise starting tight end Victor McClure after practice on Wednesday. McClure, a converted lineman has taken the position change in stride.

"He's really become a team guy," said Fulmer. "He's most efficient as a blocker. I wish he ran a 4.5 and could catch."

Finally, away from the field of play, Fulmer has dismissed back-up fullback Aaron Kirkland from the team. The reason given for Kirkland's departure was a violation of team rules. Since UT has two healthy fullbacks in Troy Fleming and William Revill, Kirkland's immediate absence is not a concern according to Fulmer.

Fulmer termed Thursday's practice as a "dress rehearsal" before the team takes off for Gainesville on Friday.

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