Cody's a jack of all trades

Sophomore offensive lineman Cody Douglas started Saturday's game with Florida at right guard but he didn't finish there. Before the day was through, Douglas also played left tackle and right tackle.

You'd figure it would be difficult keeping up with assignments for three different positions ... and you'd be right.

''It's a large mental challenge,'' said Douglas, a 6-5, 315-pounder from La Marque, Texas. ''It weighs a whole lot on your mind but I'm always up for a challenge. Playing three different positions in a game was a challenge but I got through it and I'm a whole lot better player for it.''

The fact Douglas played three spots on the line speaks volumes for the faith UT coaches have in him.

''That's flattering that they've entrusted me at right tackle, right guard and especially at left tackle -- protecting Casey's blindside,'' he said. ''I think that says something about the confidence they have in me, and that means a lot. I've worked hard to try and win the confidence of the coaches ever since I've been here.''

Douglas says he probably performed best at left tackle vs. Florida but added that he got the most snaps at right guard.

Asked how much it meant to get his first collegiate start, he grinned broadly and shook his head.

''It was really special to me,'' he said. ''Especially going down to Florida, starting and getting a victory, is something I'll remember the rest of my life. I really enjoyed myself a lot.''

Typical of a coach, Douglas found a few mistakes once he watched the game on film.

''I thought I played pretty good but, watching the film, I saw a lot of errors I have to improve on,'' he said. ''I'm going to learn from the film and, some of the mistakes I made in the Florida game, I'm pretty confident I won't be making them anymore.''

He says he's most comfortable at right tackle, a position currently manned by senior Sean Young. Asked if he'd like a shot at that job once Young leaves, Douglas shrugged.

''I'd like to get a shot at it,'' he said. ''But if that doesn't come my way, right guard is a pleasure for me here at Tennessee. So be it. I'll be the best right guard I can be ... or left guard ... or center ... or left tackle, whatever. I'll be the best offensive lineman I can be for the University of Tennessee.''

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