Wednesday Practice Report

An unhappy Phillip Fulmer walked off the practice field on Wednesday. Mistakes and a lack of focus apparently marred the Vols work-out. Although Fulmer seemed a bit irked at the events of the afternoon, he was hopeful things would improve in the next couple days.

"We had a few too many mistakes today and that upset me," Fulmer said. "Monday and Tuesday were a reflection of our practice and focus and today wasn't as good. There were some things we need to tighten up tomorrow."

The Georgia Bulldogs will bring a number eight ranking to town with them on Saturday into Neyland Stadium. Regardless of what the team is ranked or what year it is, this game has historically been a grudge match with big plays being the order of the day. Fulmer went on to talk about just how quickly a game of this magnitude can swing one way or the other.

"This game is probably going to come down to four or five plays," Fulmer said. "We want those four or five to be in our favor."

In a possible move to prevent an early big play, Fulmer said that Jason Allen would start at cornerback. Allen saw almost all of his action with the first team on Wednesday. He would replace Antwan Stewart who was burned a couple times in coverage early on in the Auburn game.

"Antwan gave up a couple plays Saturday from looking at the backfield and not looking at his man," said Fulmer. "We've got to make sure we're not giving up those kind of plays."

On the offensive side of the football, Fulmer talked about the pluses and minuses of the no-huddle offense that got UT back into the game last weekend.

"I don't see any negatives," said Fulmer. "You extend the game alot. You could be three and out. That's a negative if you don't run any time off the clock. If you've got a quarterback that can manage it and a group of guys that are capable of running it than it's going to be part of what we do. Whether we do it in the first quarter or at the end of the half or in the second half, we'll play that by ear. I think there are a lot of positives if you can move the ball and score." Tennessee has another practice on Thursday and a walk-through on Friday afternoon in Neyland Stadium. Game-time on Saturday is set for 7:45pm.

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