Tuesday Practice Report

Tuesday was another day of practice and another day of recovery from the Alabama game. Lingering effects from Saturday's epic battle against the Tide can still be seen. However, Phillip Fulmer has his team's sights set squarely on the Duke Blue Devils.

"From how they played N.C. State, that should get their attention," said Fulmer. "We need to be focused on that because there are a lot of problems from what they do offensively and defensively."

Nevertheless, the energy exerted during last week's five overtime game can't be ignored. Fulmer is being careful with the way he is working his troops during practice.

"I'm pleased with the work," Fulmer said. "We cut one period basically out and I'm very pleased with the way they've gone about their practice. We had less time on the field, later in the year we always cut back some. Yesterday we were out in basically shorts. Today was had really good work, good contact, good team work, good individual work and the guys are really working to try to put themselves in position to make plays or make a block. The energy and the bouncing is a good sign. We're on a good track here."

Cedric Houston and Rashad Baker were a couple of the casualities from the previous game. Fulmer said Baker and Houston are definitely out for the Duke game but he hopes both will be back against Miami.

Houston has an injured ankle. Baker, on the other hand, has a bum knee.

With Houston's absence, the Vols will get a chance to shake some things up this week in the backfield with Jabari Davis, Corey Larkins, and Gerald Riggs.

"They will all play, whether they will all carry the ball I don't know," said Fulmer. Troy Fleming can play tailback. Our tight ends can play fullback. We've tried to create ourselves depth."

Because of Baker's absence, the Vols secondary will look to a new face for the defensive alignments.

"We've got Gibril (Wilson) back there, and he's going to have to do a lot of that as far as directing traffic," Fulmer said. "We'll try to not ask him to do everything Rashad would have done. Corey (Campbell) is going to have to share the load right there and we worked Brandon Johnson and O.J. Owens and all those guys back there. It's a thin position to start with, you lose one it's even thinner."

Tennessee practices again on Wednesday and Thursday before Friday's walk-through in Neyland Stadium.

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