Vol offense: feast or famine

Here's an amazing stat to ponder: After scoring just 13 points on its first 12 possessions of last Saturday's game at Alabama, Tennessee's football team scored 38 points on its last six possessions (the final possession of regulation and five overtime possessions).

How can UT's players be so unproductive for 58 minutes of regulation play, then be so productive in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime? The answer: They're terribly erratic.

''We've shown flashes of brilliance,'' head coach Phillip Fulmer said. ''But we need more consistency.''

The Vols were at their most brilliant in the final minutes of regulation and the five OT periods vs. Bama. The question is: Why?

''When the kids have had their backs to the wall, they've performed very well,'' Fulmer said.

Maybe the coach needs to convince his players their backs are to the wall right now. There's still time to salvage a good season if the Vols can get their act together. Fulmer thinks they will.

''Our players listen well,'' he said. ''They don't always do things right but they're responsive.''

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