Wednesday Practice Report

The Vols put another practice in the books on Wednesday evening. Tennessee finally looks like they have the Alabama game in their rear-view mirror as the team now has their sights set on the Duke Blue Devils.

UT will have to overcome a couple of key injuries in order to perform this weekend. Cedric Houston's bum ankle and Rashad Baker's knee will provide a couple of openings for some different faces to step up and into the limelight.

Corey Campbell, a true freshman, will get a chance to shine as the team's number one free safety on Saturday.

"He was a guy early you could tell he was a good prospect," said Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer. "He's played some significant snaps. He gets his first start and he's grown up alot."

In the backfield, Fulmer said all three running backs would have opportunities to play since Houston, the usual starter will be out.

The man making holes for the backs gained some acclaim from Fulmer, too. After a whirlwind career at fullback, Troy Fleming finally looks like he's come into his own.

"Troy has been really good this year for the most part," Fulmer said. "He's multi-faceted enough that he can do everything pretty well. He's an excellent route runner, catches the football out of the backfield, he's a good blocker, and a good runner. He's been the best special team's player we've had."

The Vols defensive line has been suspect from day one. Yet, Jason Hall, a young defensive end, is trying to be a difference maker.

"Jason is one of those guys that's worked himself into the rotation," Fulmer said. "He might be our best technician on the defensive line as far as proper leverage and body angles and hands and everything it takes to be a defensive lineman. He's probably made more pregress than anyone.

Tennessee has their final full scale practice on Thursday. A walk through is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Neyland Stadium.

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