Tuesday Practice Report

With the Miami Hurricanes on the horizon, Tennessee's football team got another good day of work in on Tuesday afternoon. The Vols will head down to south Florida as decided underdogs. However, this game could play a major role in determining the paths of both teams as the end of the season draws closer with each passing week.

Phillip Fulmer clearly has plenty of respect for the Hurricanes. He also made it known that he's done his homework with regards to the task at hand.

"Miami plays a physical game," Fulmer said. "They've got the skill folks that can return a kick or make great plays in the passing game. The thing they do the best is run the football and play physical defense. First and foremost they're fast and physical and they're skilled as well."

Fulmer mentioned the success of both football teams over the past twenty years, too.

"Since 1983, they've won the most games of anbody in the country," said Fulmer. "We're fourth in that category. You've got two traditional, really good football teams playing against each other."

The Vols, on the other hand, have experimented with a couple of players in the return game as of late. Gerald Riggs has been used as a kick returner. James Banks has been utilized in the punt return game. However, the player that Fulmer really has his eye on as a punt returner is a long, lean sophomore.

"I'm anxious to see Chris Hannon," said Fulmer. "He's one of those guys that can make you miss and get up field."

Finally, it's not unusual for a member of the opposing team's media to be around Knoxville during the week of a big game. This week has seen a couple of Miami writers hanging around Tennessee's practices.

One traveling reporter mentioned to Fulmer that the Hurricane faithful were calling for head coach Larry Coker's head after the team's first regular season loss in nearly three seasons.

"Oh heck, I can't believe that," joked Fulmer. "There's a lot of people that know a lot more about other people's jobs then they do their own sometimes."

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