Chavis provides quip of the day

Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler has completed a higher percentage of his passes (58.9 to 58.3) and thrown for more yards (2,281 to 2,200) than Tennessee's Casey Clausen this fall. Still, Vol defensive coordinator John Chavis thinks Cutler is most dangerous when he's running the football. The 6-4, 218-pound sophomore has compiled 272 rushing yards this year and a solid 2.6 yards-per-carry average.

''I think he's a great player,'' Chavis said. ''He's a competitor, he knows what he's doing, and he runs their offense as well as any quarterback in the country runs theirs. He's got good speed, runs the football well and throws it well.

''You hate to say which medicine you want to take (run or pass) but I don't want to see him running the football. He makes a lot of big plays running the football.''

At this point, a reporter asked how one goes about stopping Cutler from running.

''Well,'' Chavis deadpanned, ''somebody's got to tackle him.''

Turning serious, the coordinator went on to note that the key to stopping Cutler from running wild is to keep him bottled up.

''You have to contain him,'' Chavis said. ''They've got so many ways they get him involved. They'll have him carrying the ball in the option game, then they'll spread you out and run tackle traps with him carrying the ball. They've got a lot of ways to get him the ball. He's one of the guys you've got to stop if you're going to have success against their offense.''

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