David Holbert Names Florida Co-leader

With David Holbert nearing a decision, it looks like Tennessee will get the last chance to make the best impression, but the competition is closer since he returned from his official visit to Florida.

"I had a great trip to Florida," David Holbert told The Insiders Jamie Newberg. "I hung out with the players and we had a good time. I also had a good talk with Coach Zook. They need fullbacks and he told me about how they would use me in their offense. They also have a great program. I was impressed."

"Right now Florida and Tennessee are my leaders."

There's still a chance Holbert will take a visit to LSU next weekend but he seems to be leaning toward choosing between Florida and Tennessee by the end of next week.

"If I don't visit LSU I will commit to Florida or Tennessee by the end of the week," he said. "Florida comes in Tuesday and Tennessee has an in-home visit with me on Wednesday."

With Holbert's parents known to favor the Vols, it would be a surprise for him to commit to Florida, especially once the glow of the visit starts to dim. It also seems unlikely he will visit LSU since he's confused enough as it is. However, should he decide on a trip to Baton Rogue that could also favor the Vols since it would help neutralize the less fresh Gainesville excursion.

Holbert, 6-foot-3, 245 pounds with 4.55 speed, is rated the nation's No. 49 linebacker and is a priority target for the Vols because he's a Tennessee prospect at a position of need. Phillip Fulmer rarely leaves empty handed when presented with such a recruiting challenge, particularly when the opposition is Florida. Stay Tuned for further updates.

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