Brohm Saga Builds Intrigue

This time tomorrow it will all be over except for the crying and high-fiving. Brian Brohm would have announced his college choice and one of the most talked about episodes in Tennessee recruiting history will have come to an end.

The finalists are Louisville, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Kentucky but it figures to come down to Louisville and Tennessee. Most Insiders, including this writer, have made Louisville the prohibitive favorite and that may still be the case.

However, there's no denying that the choice isn't the slam dunk it was once thought to be and there are real indications that Brohm has actually agonized over this decision.

Suspicions of an upset began to emerge after Brohm took his Jan. 9 visit to Louisville and didn't commit. It became more clear there was something going on when the Brohm family issued their own no-contact period in order to weigh the options. And even more recently there has been optimism in Tennessee's camp that the Vols might pull a rabbit out of their hat.

There is also speculation that Louisville's perceived intrinsic advantage — a family legacy that includes two brothers and a father that played for the Cardinals, plus a brother who is the current QB coach — may be working against the home team. The Cardinals have three quarterbacks returning, counting Michael Bush, and the competition would likely be more intense than at Tennessee. That's not the ideal situation to be in with a sibling as your position coach.

The Cardinals still figure to be the favorite for Brian Brohm, but there's also the very real possibility that Brohm has started to see legacy as lunacy. Much as it would have been for Eli Manning to follow so soon behind Peyton at Tennessee.

Instead, Eli followed dad Archie and brother Cooper by going to Ole Miss. Fortunately, it only took one Manning to make a legend at UT, and one Brohm wouldn't be a bad deal either.

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