Schaeffer Down To Three

If Brent Schaeffer is as cool in the pocket as he is in the recruiting process, the quick silver QB is going to be one cool operator on the big-time college level.

But the question of where he will emerge after ascending the symbolic ladder of competition is no closer to being answered after his fifth and final visit to North Carolina State over the weekend. Or is it?

Brent Schaeffer is receiving good interference from his mother who screens calls and controls access to her talented son, who is busy with basketball and studies in addition to recruiting.

"His mother takes good care of Brent," Deerfield Beach High School head football coach Joe Redmond said. "They've had a plan and stuck with it during all of this."

True enough, Schaeffer said he was going to take all five of his visits before announcing a decision. He has been accompanied by his mother on every official visit which began with Tennessee (Dec. 12) followed by Kansas State, South Florida, Auburn and N.C. State.

"The last I heard him say, and this was yesterday (Sunday), is that it's between Auburn, North Carolina State and Tennessee," said Mrs. Schaeffer. "He's going to make his announcement on signing day."

Schaeffer has been a high priority target for Tennessee since September, a point that was underscored with a personal appearance by coach Phillip Fulmer at one of the Bucks games last October. On the first night Tennessee could make personal contact with Schaeffer, the day following the regular season finale against Kentucky, both Randy Sanders and Woody McCorvey were in Schaeffer's home.

Throughout his senior season, Schaeffer's stock continued to rise as he led Deerfield Beach to the state semifinals in Florida's highest classification. Even in defeat, Schaeffer, a 73.7 percent career passer, threw for 267 yards and three touchdowns. He was later named Broward County Player of the Year and honored at half time of a Miami Dolphins' Monday night game against Philadelphia.

Schaeffer, who was known to favor the Vols early on, had a good visit to Tennessee but that was six weeks ago and he's been on four other trips since then.

"It went real good," Schaeffer said of his visit to Tennessee. "My host was Tony Brown and I had a good time. I got to see everything. I like the coaches there, they're good people. I like the academic programs and stuff they had to help out the players. They had study facilities just for football and just for athletes and I liked that.

"The thing that surprised me the most was the city because I didn't know what to think of Knoxville," he said. "People from down here tend to think of anything to do with Tennessee as being kind of country but the city was bigger than I thought it would be and there's a lot of people, too."

The Vols will add about 24 prospects in the Class of 2004 to the population of K-town. They hope Schaeffer is one of them.

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