Roland Martin Remains Noncommittal

When we last left big Roland Martin he was recovering from his Chicago-to-Oklahoma round trip interstate excursion and was in no condition to comment on his visit to Norman other than to say it was "pretty good."

Last weekend he winged his way south to Knoxville for an official visit, but still couldn't escape travel fatigue. He was already asleep when reached Sunday night, and on Monday he didn't go to school because of heavy snow that hit his Chicago area suburb. Despite the academic reprieve and extra hours sleep, Martin still wasn't 100 percent when reached at home Monday night and didn't offer much in the way of insight about his UT visit, despite persistent questioning.

This is not to suggest Roland Martin is uncooperative or in any way surly. In fact, he's normally quite affable but, lately, he has seemed almost detached from the entire recruiting process which could be a sign he's overwhelmed by it's many demands. His top three teams remain Michigan State, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Here's a transcript of Martin's brief interview with Inside Tennessee.

IT: So give our readers an overview of your visit to Tennessee.

"It was pretty good," Martin responded in his trademark monotone manner. Martin: "Karlton Neal."

IT: What was your favorite part of the visit?

Martin: "I liked just hanging out with the team."

IT: What about the facilities at Tennessee impressed you?

Martin: "I liked the trophy cases. That was pretty good."

IT: Who's recruiting you for Tennessee?

Martin: Coach (Greg) Adkins.

IT: How would you describe your relationship with Coach Adkins?

Martin: "It's pretty good."

IT: Will you take any other visits?

Martin: "I don't know."

IT: If you take another visit where will you go?

Martin: "Nebraska or North Carolina State."

IT: Without meaning to pry into your thought process and with all due respect to your privacy, can you give our readers an idea if any team stands out at this point?

Martin: "Everybody asks that, but there ain't no leader."

IT: What do you think will decide it for you Roland?

Martin: "Being forced to decide at the last minute. Time's running out basically."

Relax Roland and enjoy the ride. The scholarships will be waiting when you decide on your destination.

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