Timmons Not Timid About Tripping

News that Lawrence Timmons has known where he was going for the last month and will announce his decision on Thursday comes as no surprise to those whom have interviewed him in recent weeks.

When reached last Thursday at his home in Florence, S.C., the day before his scheduled departure for Knoxville, Timmons sounded more like a man taking a two-day vacation instead of an official visit. When asked what he was looking for on his trip to Tennessee, Timmons said: "Just to have fun."

Hardly the response of a serious appraiser, weighing one of the most important decisions of his young lifetime. Instead the nation's No. 10 ranked linebacker acted more like he had won a drawing at the local mall for a free trip to a resort.

"I have known for over a month where I want to go," Timmons told The Insiders Jim Henry after his Tuesday return to South Carolina. "The factors will be the atmosphere, where I feel most comfortable and where I will get the most help academically."

Even though Lawrence Timmons' mind is made up, with Florida State being the overwhelming favorite, and he will make his announcement on local television Thursday, that won't keep him from visiting Clemson this weekend. Neither will the fact he intends to go to school out of state, prevent him from enjoying the fruits of the Palmetto State.

Call it his going away party.

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