Buzz: 'That was a bad call'

After reviewing the game film, UT basketball coach Buzz Peterson is more convinced than ever that an official blew a crucial call in the late stages of Saturday's 77-62 loss to Georgia Tech.

''That was a bad call ... one I'll send to (SEC supervisor of officials) John Guthrie,'' Peterson said of a moving-screen call against Brandon Crump that negated a C.J. Watson bucket that would've pulled Tennessee within six points.

Peterson was so upset by the call that he incurred a technical foul, which Tech promptly converted into five points and a seven-point swing that widened the lead to 13 points.

Although Crump appeared to be moving as he set the screen that freed Watson to take the jumper, Peterson said the official who blew his whistle was wrong in doing so.

''The Georgia Tech player stopped, and didn't try to fight through the screen,'' Peterson said. ''If the guy's trying to fight through the screen (the call would've been valid) but he had quit.''

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