Vols, Clemson vie for WR

Clemson whipped Tennessee in the recent Peach Bowl but the Vols are hoping to get revenge on the recruiting front.

Both schools are pursuing Eric Huggins, a 6-3, 190-pound junior receiver from Conway, S.C., who already has a firm scholarship offer from Clemson. He earned the offer by catching 52 passes for 952 yards and 14 touchdowns last fall.

Although the Tigers are Huggins' top choice, they face a spirited battle from Oklahoma, Louisiana State, Michigan and Tennessee.

''I like Clemson because they are a throwing team and they treat the kids good,'' Huggins told Allen Wallace of TheInsiders.com. ''The coaches are real nice and they are serious about getting all the best players. They are an up-and-coming program and they just need a little help.''

Although Clemson is an in-state school, it is six hours from Huggins' hometown. That actually weighs in the Tigers' favor.

''I live in a rough neighborhood and I'd like to get out,'' he said. ''Clemson is a good school, so I'll consider them, but I'd rather leave the state altogether. I'm hoping my family will be able to move wherever I go. That's what I like about Oklahoma. It just looks like a nice area. Also, I like their tradition.''

Huggins says he'll attend Junior Day at Tennessee this Saturday, but he is still unsure about which camps he'll attend.

Certainly, he doesn't lack for confidence.

''I'm quick and I can catch the ball at the high point,'' he said. ''I'm like Terrell Owens. I've got the speed and the height. I need to get stronger and I want to jump higher. I'd like to improve my agility and speed

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