Versatile end looks at UT

Tennessee reportedly has offered a scholarship to a guy with the versatility to play on several positions in college.

Everette Brown is a 6-4, 235-pounder from Beddingfield High of Wilson, N.C., who stars as both a tight end and defensive end. He also has played some middle linebacker. On defense, he recorded 110 tackles and 8 sacks last fall. On offense, he reeled in 24 catches for 400 yards.

''I have talked to coaches when I went to their college, and basically what they want to know is which side of the ball I would rather play on,'' Brown told Don Callahan of ''What I tell them is I'm basically undecided right now because I can play either one.''

Brown, who runs a 4.7 in the 40, already has scholarship offers from two schools who will figure out later what position is his best.

''Duke ... they asked me where I would rather play and I said I would rather play defensive end there,'' Brown said. ''Tennessee ... I have planned the date of April 17th to go there for their Orange and White game. I'm going to talk to the coaches then because I haven't had any contact with them as of right now.''

Wherever he plays at the collegiate level, Brown likely will play well. He has been a very productive performer at the prep level.

''My freshman and sophomore year I played defensive end,'' he said. ''My sophomore year I started playing tight end. This past season I played defensive end the first two games of the season; we run a 4-4 defense, so all the teams would run the whole game the opposite side of me. So coach moved me to middle linebacker.... The move freed me up and made me become more lethal on the field.

''Right now they're looking at putting me back at defensive end and adjusting the defense so they (opponents) can't run from me.''

Brown's preliminary list of potential colleges is a long one.

''I have a list; I don't have any leaders right now,'' he said. ''Tennessee, N.C. State, North Carolina, Duke, and then I got Notre Dame, Georgia, Nebraska, Penn State and then Miami. As of now, I have no order and I'm completely open. I'm still evaluating.''

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