Dublin lad likes Tennessee

One of the South's better running back/linebacker prospects is taking a long look at the University of Tennessee.

Chris Pooler is a 6-foot, 220-pound junior from Dublin (Ga.) High School who covers 40 yards in 4.65 seconds and ranks UT among his top five schools.

''I like South Carolina State, Miami, Tennessee, LSU, and Florida,'' he told Ryan Jordan of TheInsiders.com. ''I got letters from all of them except Miami.''

Here's what he had to say about each of his favorites:

S.C. State: ''It's a comfortable environment. My bother Derek Pooler goes there and he has a chance at the NFL.''

Miami: ''It's a good school education wise, and they're full of talent.''

Tennessee: ''Like Miami, they're full of talent and it's a good school.''

LSU: ''It's close to home in the South, and I want to stay down South.''

Florida: ''They have always had a good team, and a good program.''

Based on early indications, the Hurricanes appear to have the inside track.

"I always liked Miami,'' Pooler said. ''They've had great players like Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp.''

Pooler is a teammate of another top 'backer, Lavarus Dollar.

''Were like brothers,'' Pooler said. ''We grew up together, playing right beside each other. I'm behind him, and he's behind me.''

Actually, they're side by side in Dublin's defensive scheme.

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