UT likes big Virginian

Tennessee recruiters are sending a lot of mail to Roanoke, Va., these days.

That's the hometown of Sergio Jones, a 6-3, 297-pound two-way lineman for Northside High School who projects to be one of Virginia's top senior football prospects next fall.

''Tennessee, I don't know too much about but they've been sending lots of letters and I'm learning more about them," Jones told Spencer Cagle of VTInsider.com. ''It's the Tennessee Volunteers, and it's SEC football, which is pretty big.''

He's also looking seriously at Virginia Tech and Boston College as college options.

''I like Tennessee and I like Tech, of course, and Boston College," Jones said. ''I think I'm going to Tennessee's spring game and Tech's spring game.''

Virginia Tech seems to have the inside track. It's close by and the Hokies already signed Northside High's Brandon Holland, a friend and teammate of Jones'. VPI's coaching staff seems to be a plus, too.

''I like Tech a lot because of the team prestige and the coaches ... Coach Hite and all those guys,'' Jones said. ''I like the way they do things in Blacksburg. The stuff like the [Marcus] Vick situation – that could happen at any school.... I also like that Tech's moving to ACC, too.''

Boston College may be more interested in Jones than Jones is in BC.

''Boston College I like because they send a lot of stuff and seem really interested,'' he said, ''but it's up north and cold.''

Asked if Holland playing for Tech helps the Hokies' chances, Jones replied: ''It might. We're pretty good friends. It'd be a factor. It'd be good to play with him in college. Then again, it'd be cool to play against him.''

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