UT looks at versatile Virginian

A talented high school junior has a simple philosophy: If you're interested in him, he's interested in you. And, apparently, the Tennessee Vols are quite interested in him.

Bryan Webb is a 6-2, 190-pound receiver/cornerback from Salem (Va.) High School. When asked by Spencer Cagle of DeaconSports.com which schools he is interested in, Webb replied: ''Any college that gives me a scholarship.''

With one season left in his prep career, Webb is looking to boost his stock among college recruiters.

''I'm trying to make myself stronger, be faster, and be ready for the season to win,'' he said. ''We're going hard in the weightroom. We lift and can run if we want to. Everybody's in there.''

Webb said he already is getting interest from several college programs, including the Big Orange.

''Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado, and schools like that,'' he said. ''Those have sent me some questionnaire forms and stuff.''

Webb hopes to attend at least three camps this summer.

''I'm going to the VT (Virginia Tech) camp and the UNC camp and Maryland camp,'' Webb said, adding that probably will attend Tech's spring game, as well.

Virginia has long been a happy hunting ground for Vol recruiters. The Big Orange has four Virginians on scholarship at present -- cornerback Antwan Stewart (Dumfries), linebacker Marvin Mitchell (Norfolk), defensive tackle Matt McGlothlin (Richlands) and receiver C.J. Fayton (Virginia Beach). Another Virginian, freshman linebacker Jerod Mayo of Hampton, will be joining the mix in August.

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