Tuesday Practice Report

The coaches decided to take the opportunity of Tuesday's "contact practice" (a.k.a. not allowed to tackle according to the NCAA), to work on one of the most fundamental parts of football, not fumbling.

Many drills were done to work on receivers and backs abilities to hold on to the ball and for the most part seemed pretty routine.

Then came time to have a 25 play scrimmage at the end of practice and let's just say the ball hit the carpet more than once.

After practice coach Fulmer addressed this problem.

"We've certainly got to do a better job taking care of the ball offensively, earlier in the spring we did an exceptional job of that…." He did say that he was happy with the defenses effort in forcing the fumbles.

Due to the "contact practice" rule the most of the other drills were pretty much geared toward technique. The offensive and defensive linemen worked on footwork and the quarterbacks and receivers work together on timing and route running.

One receiver that did stand out today was the red-shirted freshmen Robert Meachem. Robert was still wearing the designated green jersey but was very impressive hauling in two receptions over 45-yards.

Afterwards Meachem talked about the status of his knee.

"My knee has been fine since the Peach Bowl, I'm just not ready to make the sharp cuts off the line yet… it (a knee injury) kind of stays with you and messes with your head but hopefully in a few practices I can get out of this green jersey."

There were no new injuries to report on Tuesday.

The green jersey list included Tony Brown and Robert Meachem. Receiver Derrick Tinsley was out with a little case of food poisoning. He should be back for Thursday's practice.

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