Vol Draft predictions

I'm an NFL Draft fan but not an NFL Draft expert, so my projections of where Tennessee's eligible players will go in this weekend's talent lottery are for entertainment purposes only.

That said, here goes:

THIRD ROUND: Gibril Wilson, safety. I keep hearing that no Vol will be picked on Day 1 but I don't see how there can be 96 better players in this draft than Wilson, who is a big-time hitter and recently ran a sub-4.4 for pro scouts.

FOURTH ROUND: Troy Fleming, running back. Personally, I think Troy's a ''tweener'' who is not big enough to play fullback and not explosive enough to play tailback. Still, his MVP performance in the Gridiron Classic all-star game apparently sent his stock soaring.

FOURTH ROUND: Scott Wells, center. He isn't that big or that athletic but the guy bench-presses 500-plus pounds and plays his heart out. That enabled him to start 49 consecutive games for UT. He might go higher if he could play guard as well as center.

FIFTH ROUND: Mondre Dickerson, defensive tackle. He's something of a sleeper but he has excellent size, speed and strength. He played both end and tackle in college, which makes him even more valuable. He's not in the John Henderson/Albert Haynesworth class but he's got the skills to stick around The League for six or seven years.

SIXTH ROUND: Casey Clausen, quarterback. He might've been a second-round pick after guiding UT past Michigan in the 2002 Citrus Bowl but his draft stock has gone into freefall since then. The fact he struggled in bad weather will keep him from playing for Chicago, Green Bay or Buffalo, I'm guessing.

SIXTH ROUND: Rashad Baker, safety. Although he was a preseason All-SEC pick in 2003, he was clearly outplayed by Gibril Wilson. Injuries may have limited him somewhat but he just didn't show up last fall.

SIXTH ROUND: Jabari Greer, cornerback. He was only a parttime starter at UT but pro teams are desperate for speedy cornerbacks. Heck, the 49ers used a seventh-round pick on Teddy Gaines two years ago, and he wasn't even a starter as a UT senior.

SEVENTH ROUND: Anthony Herrera, guard. He's athletic and versatile enough to play tackle, guard or even center. That should prompt someone to take a chance on him.

SEVENTH ROUND: Mark Jones, receiver/defensive back/return specialist. He isn't an elite prospect in any area but he plays offense, defense and special teams well enough to be valuable as a utilityman. If I were a GM, I'd gladly spend a seventh-round pick on him.

UNDRAFTED: Chavis Smith (OL), Robert Peace (LB), Constantin Ritzmann (DE), Sean Young (OT).

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