Little deserves no favors

Former Vol football star Leonard Little's recent arrest on a DWI charge -- less than six years after he killed a woman in a 1998 drunk-driving accident -- is troubling on a number of fronts.

First, Little should have learned his lesson in '98. If tragically ending a human life isn't enough to get his attention, what is?

Secondly, Little obviously has been cut some slack because he's a pro football standout. If he were a regular guy and committed involuntary manslaughter, he likely would be in jail.

Thirdly, some people are blaming the St. Louis Rams for all of this because they ONLY suspended Little for eight games following his earlier drunk-driving arrest. I disagree. The Rams are a professional football team, not a law-enforcement agency. Leonard Little deserves 90 percent of the blame for his most recent arrest and a too-soft legal system deserves the other 10 percent.

We're not talking about a social drinker here. And we're not talking about a guy who has a bad day, then sits in front of the TV guzzling beer until he passes out. We're talking about a guy who gets drunk, THEN gets behind the wheel, turning his vehicle into a two-ton weapon that's every bit as lethal as a .45 caliber handgun.

I interviewed Leonard several times during his UT days, and he seemed to be a decent guy. But even decent guys make mistakes, and Little made a mistake in '98 that cost a man his wife and cost little children their mother. Five years and one slap on the wrist later, he's at it again.

I believe in second chances but I also believe in accountability. Leonard Little got a second chance and he blew it. Now he must be held accountable. My suggestion: Jail time and a revoked driver's license. This guy should not be allowed behind the wheel again.

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