Tennessee WR is a Wanted Man

Patrick Turner is a dominating force at WR for his Tennessee high school team and he's now gaining national recognition for his talents as well. The best programs in the country are lining up at his door for a chance to sign the imposing player, but only a lucky 6 have made the cut to this point. Who's in contention right now?

"I really have six teams that I like the most right now. They are Oklahoma, Miami, Texas, Tennessee, USC and Florida. All of them have offered me a scholarhip," Patrick Turner said.

What stands out about the schools on his list?

Oklahoma: "They're losing five WR's and they like to throw the ball a lot."

Miami: "It's Miami. Their program speaks for itself."

Texas: "I like their style of offense and I'm good friends with Vincent Young."

Tennessee: "They are the homestate team and I've always liked them."

USC: "I like the dominance of their program and the coach is real cool."

Florida: "It used to always be like, 'man I want to go to Florida'. I liked Spurrier a lot."

What is Turner looking for most in a school?

"The coaches and academics. I want to find a place I feel comfortable and with my style of offense."

Don't expect to see Turner out on the camp circuit this summer.

"I'll be training with DeCory Harris in Memphis and I won't be going to any camps really."

Does Patrick have a target date for when he'd like to make a decision?

"I'll take all five of my visits and then make a decision sometime after that's finished."

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