UT Releases Statement by Victor McClure

The University of Tennessee sports information office released the following statement from senior tight end Victor McClure, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following an on-campus incident last week.

"Since my arrival at the University of Tennessee four years ago, I have experienced many challenges both as a student in my personal life as well as being an athlete. With the help of an excellent support system of coaches, teammates, friends and family, I have learned how to balance the stressors of both of these worlds. Unfortunately, none of my previous experiences, however, prepared me for the unexpected events surrounding my actions last week.

I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment I have caused my own family and my University of Tennessee family. For those who know me well, I am confident that you recognize that my actions were completely out of character.. For those who don't know me well, I now begin the challenge of making every effort possible to prove myself to you. I am confident that I can do just that.

I appreciate everyone's concern, prayers and patience over the last few days. I have been blessed to have undergone a very thorough medical evaluation. I now have an excellent understanding of the events that transpired, and have been guided on how to best prevent the possibility of any similar events from happening in the future. I hope you will understand the personal nature of this situation, and respect my decision not to discuss the specifics of it any further. I am fortunate to have such an understanding mentor in Coach Fulmer. I am especially thankful for his confidence in me.

I now begin the process of re-establishing my reputation as a student at the University of Tennessee. I intend to meet every requirement set before me in my efforts to return as a respected member of the student body and the football team. I start that process today."

A written statement from Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer was also issued this afternoon regarding McClure, who is set for arraignment on the criminal charges July 21, after being released on $1,000 bond.

"Victor remains with our team as we continue to work with him, the doctors and our university administration. He regrets the events and embarrassment it has caused. Our concern is for Victor to move forward from here. I do want to thank everyone involved for their prompt and professional response to his well-being. Our medical staff, faculty and administration as well as our players and coaches have been great in their concern and understanding of this medical situation."

McClure, who is from Hixson, Tenn., started most of Tennessee's games last season at tight end.

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