Writer snubs Vol QBs

Writing for CBSsportsline.com, Richard Ciminiello ranks the top 10 quarterback schools in college football. Surprisingly -- to me, at least -- Tennessee is not listed. In fact, UT isn't to be found among five honorable mention schools.

Ciminiello's list is as follows:

1. Miami
2. Brigham Young
3. Washington
4. Florida State
5. Southern Cal
6. Florida
7. Notre Dame
8. Nebraska
9. Michigan
10. Oregon

Honorable mentions: Purdue, Stanford, California, Washington State, Oklahoma.

Although I generally agree with Ciminiello, I think Dewey Warren, Bobby Scott, Condredge Holloway, Tony Robinson, Andy Kelly, Heath Shuler, Peyton Manning, Tee Martin and Casey Clausen qualify UT for a spot somewhere in the top 15. Heck, Tennessee has produced two Heisman Trophy runnersup -- Shuler (1993) and Manning ('97) -- in the past 11 years alone.

Ciminiello admits that ''While the emphasis here is on collegiate results, pro performances has clearly been factored into the inexact equation.'' I suspect it factored HEAVILY. Of UT's top quarterbacks, only Manning has gone on to enjoy a distinguished career as an NFL starter. Still, Scott spent a decade as an NFL backup, Holloway starred in the Canadian Football League and Kelly starred in the Arena League. I'm convinced Robinson would've been an All-Pro if his career hadn't been waylaid by a drug conviction and that Shuler would've been an NFL standout if not for a career-ending foot injury.

Regardless, Ciminiello's piece is a good read and well worth checking out at CBSsportsline.com.

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