Top 10 sports movies

ESPN recently named its top sports movies of the past few years, with ''Hoosiers'' tabbed No. 1. Gene Hackman was brilliant (as always) as the hardnosed high school basketball coach and Dennis Hopper was superb as an alcoholic fan. That movie ranks among my favorites but I wouldn't rate it No. 1.

I haven't seen ''Stroke of Genius,'' the new movie based on the life of golfer Bobby Jones, so I'll have to reserve judgment on it. Admittedly, I'm partial to baseball movies. That said, here are my 10 favorite sports flicks:

1. The Natural (Robert Redford in the ultimate baseball fantasy)
2. Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner meets ghosts of baseball past)
3. Hoosiers (Hackman guides scrappy underdogs to state hoops title) 4. Bang The Drum Slowly (Robert DeNiro as a young catcher with cancer)
5. The Legend of Bagger Vance (a sappy but engaging golf story)
6. Caddyshack (Rodney Dangerfield wreaks havoc at posh country club)
7. Miracle (You don't have to like hockey to appreciate what U.S. Olympians accomplished)
8. Diggstown (Louis Gossett Jr., as an aging but resourceful club fighter)
9. Seabiscuit (little horse with big heart beats long odds)
10. Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr. in a heartwarming family film)

HONORABLE MENTION - Raging Bull (DeNiro scores a knockout with portrayal of Jake LaMotta)
- Man's Favorite Sport (Rock Hudson as a fishing columnist who's really a fake)
- Bull Durham (hottie Susan Sarandon ogles a bunch of sweaty minor leaguers)

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