Who is O-line U?

Staff writers Richard Cirminiello and Pete Fiutak of collegefootballnews.com have some spirited debates from time to time, and one of them is posted right now. Each man casts his votes for the finest college offensive lines of the past 35 years.

Cirminiello, as usual, factors pro success into his ratings. Fiutak, as always, relies exclusively on what players did during their college days. Want to know which one rates Tennessee among his top 20? Then you'll have to read on...

Cirminiello's top five offensive line schools over the past 35 years are as follows:

1. Southern Cal
2. Michigan
3. Nebraska
4. Ohio State
5. Penn State

Fiutak's top five are:

1. Nebraska
2. Michigan
3. Ohio State
4. Southern Cal
5. Alabama

Interestingly enough, Alabama (Fiutak's No. 5 O-line factory) didn't make Cirminiello's top 10 or even his five honorable mentions. The only SEC school he lists is Georgia, one of his honorable mention picks.

Fiutak clearly has a higher regard for SEC football. In addition to picking Bama No. 5, he picks Tennessee No. 17, Arkansas No. 19 and Florida No. 20.

Oddly, though, Fiutak says Tennessee's ''Main Man'' among O-linemen over the past 35 years was Antone Davis. Antone Davis? What about Mickey Marvin, Bruce Wilkerson, Harry Galbreath, Chad Clifton, Fred Weary and Cosey Coleman?

Regardless, the Cirminiello and Fiutak O-line lists make for interesting reading, whether you agree with them or not. Their picks can be viewed at collegefootballnews.com.

POST SCRIPT: The same website features a panel of 13 ''experts'' predicting the various conference champions. The experts represent collegefootballnews, FoxSports, Pro Football Weekly, The Sporting News, ESPN Radio and the Chicago Tribune. The final picker is Clucko the Chicken, who pecks his picks out of a hatful of scribbled possibilities. Ten of the experts pick Georgia to win the SEC title this year. Two pick LSU. Clucko tabs Florida.

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