GridScape has joined The Insiders Network!

Great news! GridScape has joined The Insiders Network. This move addresses security and funding concerns, which had previously threatened the future of GridScape.

The Insiders Network respects GridScape's history and identity. They are determined to help me maintain what GridScape has become and to help us to become all we can be.

I will remain the owner and operator of GridScape. However, this move means I can take off some of the technical hats I wear and leave that to the network people so I can focus more on the User experience – your experience. It also means that GridScape will live on at a time when I personally can not afford to secure our future. VolChat will remain free and in fact the interface will empower users to tailor their user experience to suit their individual browsing habits.

Also in joining The Insiders Network, GridScape will be aligning with a content partner and enhanced areas will be ADDED for which there will be a subscription service available. Let me be perfectly clear. The VolChat we have grown-up with WILL REMAIN FREE as will the generous amount of statistical and historical data. Our content partner will provide breaking news and unique stories to our subscribers completing our offerings, making GridScape the definitive resource for discerning Vol Fans.

I hope that each of you, whether you are a first time visitor or a charter member of our community, will visit again and again. If you think you've seen the best of GridScape, just wait. Now that GridScape has the support staff and strength of the Insiders Network backing it, you ain't seen nothing yet. Come grow with us… Grow Big Orange!

Thanks, GridOrange

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